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Matt Menard Reveals He Tore Parts Of His Shoulder During AEW Blood & Guts

Matt Menard got banged up during AEW Blood & Guts.

On June 29, Menard and the Jericho Appreciation Society faced the Blackpool Combat Club in the namesake match. The JAS came up short, and “Daddy Magic” hasn’t wrestled since.

In a video posted by JOFO In The Ring, Menard stated that he tore parts of his shoulder, rotator cuff, and labrum during the bout. He noted that the injury likely won’t require surgery, but he had to pull out of a scheduled date with IWS.

“June 29, Detroit, Michigan, Blood & Guts. Big cage match, two rings. Hell of an ordeal. Very early on in that match, I kinda got dumped on my head by Santana. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t pretty. Ended up actually tearing parts of my shoulder, my labrum, my rotator cuff, and if you’re wondering, ‘Geez, “Daddy Magic”, early on in the match? Didn’t you climb to the top of the cage to save Chris Jericho? Did you climb to the top of the cage to save Chris Jericho with a torn shoulder, with your shoulder torn to shreds?’ The answer’s yes. I’m basically a hero.

“The good news here guys is that it doesn’t look like it’s gonna require surgery. We’re rehabbing it. Injected some stem cells into the shoulder. The bad news however, I will not be able to participate in the event tomorrow night for the IWS. It’s kinda heart-breaking, honestly. I was really looking forward to coming to Montreal and seeing everybody again. We had a great time last time in March. Angelo Parker will be there, however. I apologize to the people who bought tickets to see me. Hopefully get to make it up to you in the near future.”

WrestleZone wishes Menard well in his recovery, and we will provide more details as it becomes available.

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