stu grayson
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Stu Grayson: I Would Trade In A Hundred Dark Matches For 15 Minutes On Television

Stu Grayson wanted to be challenged.

In an interview with SLAM, Stu Grayson spoke about his lack of television time and how his All Elite Wrestling tenure came to an end. Grayson was with the company since its inception in 2019 but ultimately left in May 2022 after he didn’t come to terms for a new agreement with the company.

Grayson said that he was grateful to be getting paid what he was, but still wanted to wrestle and ultimately had doubts that he was earning the check due to a lack of ring time.

“Kenny Omega has tried to work with me since forever. In 13 years I had like 13 matches—something like that—it’s very hard to show the world how good you are in such a limited amount of time,” Grayson said, noting that he didn’t have one singles match in AEW. “I would trade in a hundred dark matches for 15 minutes on television.”

Grayson said he wanted to feel challenged and shared more insight on what led to him leaving AEW.

“I never wanted to get paid to do nothing. I’d rather make less money and be useful than being useless and make a ton of money. That’s not how I am. I need to be challenged. I would go to the gym and hit a massive leg day so that way I’d feel challenged.”

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