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Ric Flair Was Asked To Wrestle In Puerto Rico One Week After ‘Last Match’

Ric Flair wishes his ‘Last Match’ had a different name because it painted him into a corner in some ways.

On the newest episode of his To Be The Man podcast, Ric Flair spoke about the finality of his Last Match event in Nashville. Flair said that he was asked to wrestle in Puerto Rico the following week, but knows he couldn’t go back on his word a week after calling it a career in Nashville.

“I’m great. Recovered. Woo. We did it. It’s over, and I went to Puerto Rico, and I’m still alive,” Flair said. “I wish I hadn’t said it was my last match. [laughs]

“That’s gonna get heat. Hell, they wanted me to wrestle in Puerto Rico Saturday night. I said ‘guys, I cannot get in the ring one week later.’ A guy looked at me and said, ‘You can retire in Puerto Rico, can’t you?’ I said no, no, no, that’s not the point. [laughs] That was suggested when I got there for another show but I said, ‘Guys, I gotta take at least a month off. [laughs]”

Flair joked about doing it again next year, but said that he’s not even ready to go to the movies yet. Overall, Flair said he’s still thankful he got the opportunity to finish his career the way he did this year.

“I’m the luckiest sumbitch alive, to have all this going on. I’m 73, guys. I’m just so thankful for the opportunity, but I always walk away, like I’ve said to you a hundred times, like when I got up to the top of the stairs after wrestling Shawn [at WrestleMania], I could have been better. It’s really here [points to his head], and this time, I had it here pretty much, but when I started to get dehydrated,” Flair noted, “I couldn’t figure what was wrong with me. It wasn’t my heart or my intestine, but I just underestimated the importance of being hydrated. So think we can do it again next year? [laughs] What am I gonna do? I’m not ready to go to the movie theater yet.”

Flair also spoke about getting physical with Carlos Colon at the Puerto Rico show. Flair didn’t wrestle, but he still got into a scuffle with Colon, who he has a storied history with.

“That was Carlos. 42 years, that was the 49th anniversary, but it’s been 42 years since he and I had our first match there. I tell you, I got off that plane, and it was like it used to be in the old days. I couldn’t go anywhere, after all these years, I couldn’t go anywhere without a picture or a, ‘Mr. Flair, thank you, welcome back,’ I mean, people don’t forget. Carlos, he’s a year older than I am, and he’s had some health issues. They wanted me to do something with him and as I said earlier, I said, ‘Guys, I just can’t get in the ring in any way, shape, or form.’ But I’ll be glad to do something outside because they wanted Carlos to have a presence and all that,” Flair said. “I couldn’t have been more honored. He’s a great guy, he’s in the Hall of Fame.”

Flair said that he’s happy with his last match in general, even though he ended up passing out twice during the bout. Read more about his experience at this link.

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