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Tony Khan On The Two-Night Pay-Per-View Model: ‘I’m Definitely Not Doing That’

Tony Khan is setting the record straight when it comes to the recent rumors that All Elite Wrestling‘s future pay-per-views could turn into two-night events.

All Elite Wrestling owner Tony Khan was a guest this morning on Busted Open Radio with Dave LeGreca, Tommy Dreamer, and Mickie James to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about tonight’s AEW Dynamite feeling like a free pay-per-view, Khan took the time to address a recent interview from this week where Dustin Rhodes implied that two-night pay-per-views could be in All Elite Wrestling’s future. He stated that AEW hasn’t “internally seriously discussed” this possibility, and he made it clear that, for the foreseeable future, the company will stick to one-day events.

“I saw a report that we were talking about doing two-day pay-per-views yesterday, and I was like, well who said that? And then I looked, it was Dustin [Rhodes]! I was like, why would Dustin say that? I love Dustin so much, but I was surprised that he said it because it’s not something we really internally seriously discussed,” Tony Khan said.” I mean, at most times, I like looking at other business models. I think at most; maybe I’ve said, hey, that’s an interesting business model, but far from ever saying like that’s how I’m taking our stuff. That’s what I’m gonna do.

“So I’m definitely not doing that. That being said, even if I was, and I’m not like, I probably wouldn’t want somebody to break that news in a panel. But I honestly say it’s not what we’re doing anyway. But I was surprised by that. So yeah, for at least for the long term, foreseeable future. I still see all the pay-per-views being the great one-day events we’ve been doing. A lot of people were like, how’s that gonna work? What’s that about? And I was like, well, it’s not gonna work. It’s not about anything. It’s not true. So, that being said, you do get a pay-per-view quality event tonight for free on TBS.”

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