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Trevor Murdoch Comments On Ciampa’s Harley Race Tribute On 8/8 Raw

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On Monday, August 8, 2022, Ciampa paid tribute to Harley Race by wearing gear reminiscent of Harley’s, complete with a robe similar to the one that Harley wore to the ring ahead of his NWA World Heavyweight Championship defense against Ric Flair at Starrcade 1983.

Ciampa, on social media, had previously opened up about his relationship with Harley Race. Another wrestler with a close relationship to Harley Race is current NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Trevor Murdoch.

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Speaking with Zak Ralph of Love Wrestling, Trevor Murdoch opened up about the tribute from Tommaso Ciampa and how nice it is to see people pay tribute to Harley Race.

“I loved it. Loved it! Anytime when you got one of the boys that go out there and show HR a little love. I love it. Ciampa’s like me. He came down to Harley’s camp and got to spend some time down at Harley’s for about six months. I was a little there a little bit longer, obviously, years! Anyway, it’s always good to see one of the boys paying respects to HR like that. He’s had his hand on a lot of guys and influenced a lot of wrestlers that people really don’t know. So it was really touching and really awesome to see Ciampa go out there and throw some love at Harley.”

Up next for Murdoch is a World Heavyweight Championship defense against Tyrus at NWA 74. Trevor tells Zak Ralph he’s looking forward to one hell of a fight and finding out who the better man is.

“Billy Corgan has done a great job of putting the biggest beast he can in front of me, we’re talking about the biggest guy in the company. Tyrus is not only the biggest guy in the company but, the biggest guy in most pro wrestling companies. I’m talking everybody, he’s one of the biggest guys in pro wrestling period. Kudos to Billy for putting together two hosses that are gonna go in there and, and beat the hell out of each other and ultimately find out who’s the better man.”

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