Roxanne Perez womens wrapup
Photo Credit: WWE

Roxanne Perez Says Advice From Bianca Belair Helped Her Succeed At WWE Tryout

NXT superstar Roxanne Perez‘s path to the WWE Universe has been a long one, and along the way, she credits a major superstar in the WWE Women’s division for help.

Speaking to Denise Salcedo in a recent interview, Perez mentioned that, during her second tryout with WWE, she got the chance to meet various female WWE superstars. One of those superstars, Bianca Belair, gave her some advice that Perez says has stuck with the up-and-coming superstar to this day.

“I met a couple of the girls from the main roster and they are all literally so nice,” said Perez. “They are always open to giving advice and what not. I do remember that at my extended tryout, Bianca Belair was there and I asked her for some advice and honestly her advice really stuck with me because like I said it was the second tryout and I had some thoughts like ‘What did I do wrong?’ and she was the one that told me, “Don’t be embarrassed to just go out there, if you have a thought in your head and you think it’s too crazy, just do it,’ she basically said like just ‘leave it all out there, no regrets’ and that’s exactly what I did. I feel like I don’t even know if she realized it but that helped me like so so much.”

Perez also touched on how fast things have been moving for her, calling the experience of being in NXT at age 20 “surreal.”

“It’s crazy, its surreal because I am only 20 and I have done alot in my wrestling career but like its just so surreal to me because I would have never thought like; when I was younger I always knew that I was gonna be a WWE Superstar and there were no ands, ifs or butts about it. But I never thought I would be freaking NXT Women’s Tag team Champion within like 4 months, it just fuels my love for WWE and this business, it just makes little 10 year old me so so happy because I am proud, because I never thought this would be happening so fast. I am thankful.”

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