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Taya Valkyrie On Women’s Wrestlers Getting More Opportunities: We Deserve Recognition, We’ve Been Proving It

Taya Valkyrie is doing everything she can to make more opportunities for herself and women’s wrestlers.

During an interview with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston, Taya Valkyrie was asked about the perception of the past and if it limits the number of women’s matches on event cards today. Valkyrie said she’s not sure what the main factor is, but female wrestlers are doing everything they can to show they earned a spot on the show.

“I don’t know what it is. Just like I said how I’m not someone’s cup of tea, maybe some people are still super close-minded as to what women’s wrestling is, but women’s wrestling is wrestling. It’s the same thing. We are pro athletes, we are performers, we are doing all the stunts, we are going through tables and taking the tacks to the face and diving onto people and off of domes. We’re doing everything. We are well versed in every style, and I know that we deserve that spot.”

Valkyrie added that she feels like limiting women’s matches is an old trope and reiterated that they are proving they are worthy of more spots on event cards.

“It’s just like, I think it’s definitely like the old guard, it’s an old way of thinking. We are in 2022, coming up in 2023, and come on man, like we deserve the recognition and the spots and the time, and we’ve been proving it.”

Taya Valkyrie will challenge Kamille for the NWA Women’s World Championship at NWA 74. She’s also set to defend her AAA Reina De Reinas Championship against AEW Women’s World Champion Thunder Rosa at TripleMania XXX: Mexico City on October 15.

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