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Kevin Nash: Scott Hall Was So Convincing As Razor Ramon That People Thought He Was Cuban

Scott Hall is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer for a reason, part of the reason is because of the impeccable work he did as Razor Ramon in WWE.

Throughout his time with the KLIQ, the NWO, in between WCW and WWF, Hall’s legacy will forever be cemented, especially to Kevin Nash. In 1996, Nash and Hall famously appeared in World Championship Wrestling to form the New World Order. In the years following, the NWO ruled the television ratings. Hall would captivate an audience with his edgy attitude and great in-ring ability. In speaking on KLIQ This, Kevin Nash spoke highly of Hall, praising his overall character.

“Without a doubt, he’s probably one of the five most talented wrestlers,” Nash admitted. “I’ll put him–to put Scott Hall on your Mount Rushmore is not because you lost your friend. I’ve touched with everybody, all the Hall of Fame guys, and there’s nobody better than Scott Hall. Nobody. Scott can wrestle, Scott can punch and kick. Scott can work babyface, Scott can work heel. He’s a great tag wrestler. He was the total package.”

Prior to becoming Scott Hall in WCW, he worked under the name Razor Ramon in WWF/WWE. Kevin Nash went on to speak on the possibility of Hall keeping the name and character Razor Ramon in WCW and beyond.

“I think towards the end [of his WWF run], I think he was less Razor Ramon and more Scott Hall,” Nash explained. “But the thing was, was that he was so convincing that every time we go someplace, people would, anybody of Latin or Spanish descent, they would always speak Spanish to Scott. Everybody thought he was Cuban, like [Scott would say] ‘no dude I’m from Baltimore’.

Nash went on to explain how both Diamond Dallas Page and Hall were going to use toothpicks for their respective gimmicks, but Hall ended up as the only one using it.

“Dallas — him and [DDP] were going to bring the toothpicks out, but Dallas fumblefucked his before [it happened]. So it ended up Scott being the only one that threw the toothpick. But Dallas gave him the whole look, Dallas told him [how to dress].

Hall unfortunately passed away earlier this year at the age of 63. In 2020, he was inducted alongside Nash, Sean Waltman, and Hulk Hogan, as the New World Order (NWO)

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