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The Fixers Want To Win All The Gold To Fill Their Manliness

The Fixers (Wrecking Ball Legursky and Jay Bradley) are the biggest, the baddest, and the toughest team in the National Wrestling Alliance, and they want to win all of the gold.

The two powerhouses will have the chance to do so at NWA 74, where they will compete in the battle royal for the NWA USA Tag Team Championship, which the promotion is bringing out of retirement. Bradley and Legursky will have the size advantage, but they will be tasked with outlasting nine other teams in their quest to emerge victorious.

In an interview with WrestleZone, the duo previewed the match, and when they were asked about that sets them apart from the competition, Bradley emphasized their power.

“We’re bigger than everybody else,” said Bradley. “We’re stronger than everyone else. Have you not seen me and Legursky? Just use him as a battering ram. He picks me up and throws me down like a child onto another opponent. Come on. We got the brains, we got the brawn, we know how to use it, we know how to use it all as a weapon. That’s what makes us different.”

The NWA also has the World Tag Team Championship, and these titles are on The Fixers’ radar. Both men made it clear that they’re coming for all the gold.

Have you seen the size of us? You think one standard pro wrestling championship title is gonna fill all this manliness? ” Bradley said.

Likewise, Legursky noted that they could split the sets of championships between them.

“That’s two belts for one of us,” said Legursky. “Two belts for one of us.”

Bradley then described how they could put the titles allover their bodies. He suggested wearing them like dog collars, and Legursky barked in agreement. He emphasized that they want to fix tag team wrestling as a whole.

“I could put two around Legursky’s waist, I can get one on each shoulder,” said Bradley. “We can put one on our heads and wear it like a dog collar. [Legursku barks] Exactly. You think we’re gonna be satisfied with just the USA Tag Titles? No, we’re going for the world title, we’re gonna fix the world of tag team wrestling.”

Legursky chimed in, saying, “First America, then the world.” Bradley then stated that they have their sights set on the singles titles as well, and Wrecking Ball pointed out that winning more gold means they’ll be able to get more food.

“We’re going for all the gold. We’re going for all the gold. More gold means more money, and more money means more food.”

When asked about their goals in the NWA, Legursky described how they intend to win every title.

“To keep being the biggest, to keep being the best, to win the USA Tag Titles, to win the world tag titles, to win the world title, to win the national title, to win the cruiserweight title, to win the women’s title,” Legursky said. “All the gold!”

This mission will continue at NWA 74, which will be held on August 27-28 at The Chase in St. Louis. You can check out the card here, and both nights will air on FITE.

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