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Photo Credit: WWE

Ridge Holland Opens Up About Rebuilding Trust And Self-Confidence After Big E Broken Neck Accident

Ridge Holland recently opened up about the process of finding self-confidence and rebuilding trust, following an in-ring mishap with Big E.

In March, Holland teamed with Sheamus on an episode of Friday Night Smackdown. There, they battled against Big E and Sheamus in a competitive tag team matchup. Unfortunately, a mishap prevented Big E from continuing on. As Holland laid the former WWE Champion out with a suplex, Big E landed on his head. This would result in E being stretchered out of the arena, later confirming a broken neck.

Speaking with Metro,  Holland opened up about building up trust again with his fellow colleagues following the accident.

‘It’s just been a slow process. Getting back into it and learning how to trust myself, and obviously building that trust up with the boys as well,” Holland admitted. The trust of your peers is what we aim for.”

Holland went on to describe how the accident “was a massive knock” to his confidence. However, “the main thing is that E’s functional, he’s OK, he’s gonna live a full life.” That said, he wants to move forward and show the world what he can do.

“From a personal standpoint, I’d like to get in the ring more and show people what I can do because there is a stigma there with the Big E thing,’ Holland explained. “So, I wanna show people what I can do and how good I can be, and wash that stain off my back.”

Holland continued on to emphasize the importance of Big E’s recovery.

“That’s the number one, regardless of how I feel, regardless of what’s come to be. The main thing is that he’s his positive self, he’s cracking on and hopefully we’ll see him back in the not to distant future!”

The exact time table for Big E’s potential in-ring return is unknown at this time. However, doctors expect Big E to make a full recovery.

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