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Big E Says Bobby Lashley Is Not A Human Being, He’s A Cyborg

Big E believes that Bobby Lashley is not a human.

A multi-time WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley has preserved a tremendous physique, in-ring stamina, and overall being. Lashley is seemingly now at the age of 46, but fellow performer Big E isn’t “buying that.” In addition, Bobby Lashley doesn’t watch television either. In culmination of this information, Big E revealed an interesting theory about the current United States Champion. While speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, E explained that Lashley is actually “some kind of a cyborg.”

“This [information] further proves my theory that Bobby Lashley is indeed not a human being, like he is some kind of a cyborg,” Big E declared. “Honestly look at the man, he might look younger than he did 15 years ago. It doesn’t make any sense. It does not make any sense and when that man hits you, it’s like ‘this is not a human, this is some other kind of organism that I’m not familiar with’, but that makes sense. You see? I mean, well, robots don’t need to watch television now. They don’t need pleasure and entertainment. No, he’s a machine. It all makes sense. It all all adds up.”

Moreover, Big E continued on to proclaim that the things Lashley can do physically “doesn’t add up.”

“Bobby is at the very top of my list [of not humans]. Look at him, it doesn’t make sense. That doesn’t add up. Nice try, humanoid. You tried, and you did a great job. It’s a very close approximation of what a human should be. I saw Bobby earlier, I love Bobby. Bob’s a real good dude. But the things he can do, the way he looks, it doesn’t add up.”

“You mean to tell me what mean is supposed to be in his mid-40s? I’m not buying that,” Big E stated.

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