Ric Flair
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Ric Flair ‘Lost A Lot Of Sleep’ Over Possibly Jumping To WWF In 1988

Ric Flair almost jumped from WCW to WWE in 1988.

“The Nature Boy” Ric Flair has a storied career throughout professional wrestling in companies like TNA, WCW, and WWE. In 1988 though, Flair contemplated changing his course.  In speaking on To Be The Man, the 16-time WWE Champion revealed how he nearly headed from WCW to WWE in 1988. Flair wouldn’t join the WWE (WWF at the time) until 1991, but Flair opened up that he “lost a lot of sleep over the decision.”

“[It was] close enough that I lost a lot of sleep over the decision,” Flair admitted. “But at the end of the day, I just couldn’t leave the guys. It had nothing to do with going up there. I knew equally as many people up there. I’ve been lucky to have so many friends over the years in either company, and to this day, still do. I couldn’t leave the guys. It was an ego thing driven between me and Dusty [Rhodes] that happened almost every three months, and we’d work our way through it. It had nothing to do with the way anybody was treating me at that time. This was long before Jim Herd or Eric Bischoff came along. This was just an ego-driven decision.”

Flair would eventually sign with the WWF in August of 1991, appearing as “The Real World’s Champion.” …But what if he had signed 3 years earlier?

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