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Trevor Murdoch: Being The NWA Champion Is The Most Important Thing I’ve Done In Wrestling

Trevor Murdoch is honored to be the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.

In a new interview with WrestleZone, Murdoch made it clear that winning the title for a second time proved that he’s here to stay. He called holding the Ten Pounds of Gold a dream come true and stated that it’s the most important thing he’s done in his career as a wrestler.

“Well it’s definitely kinda put a stamp one my career and kinda proven to everybody that I’m not a one-shot wonder and that I’m here to definitely stay for a while,” said Murdoch. “It’s always been a dream for me to be NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. The fact that I’m able to start from the bottom of NWA and work my way up, all the way up to Nick Aldis, says a lot for what I’ve done. Being Worlds Heavyweight Champion, it is the most important thing I’ve done in pro wrestling.”

When asked, Murdoch compared his first title win to his most recent triumph. He noted that beating Nick Aldis for the gold felt like it was for everyone else, but this time around, holding the title is for him personally.

“The first time I won the world title, it felt more like for Harley, it felt more like for my family and for St. Louis. I’d worked so hard, Nick and I had such a long story leading into that that it felt more like it was fit everybody else, whereas this title reign, this feels, this is mine. This is me, I’ve worked hard for it, and yeah, it sucks that Matt got hurt and ended up having to relinquish the title to put into the tournament. But with that being said, I’ve been telling anybody and everybody that’s asked, now that Matt’s healed, I’m over here waving my hand. Matt, I’m more than welcome to give you that rematch you want back. I welcome it. Come on, come get it, Matt. I want my W back, or at the very least, an opportunity.”

He went on to describe how he’s doing his best work of his career in the NWA, and he’s getting the opportunity that he has wanted all along.

“I’ve had a lot of great moments in the NWA. I’m doing some of my best work I’ve ever done in pro wrestling in the NWA, obviously being world champion and everything. I’ve finally found a company and a promoter that’s willing to at the least listen to me and give me an opportunity to fail. That’s all I’ve ever wanted in pro wrestling, even when I was with WWE. Give me the ball, as if I fail, I fail. At least I can walk away knowing, ‘Yeah, I failed,’ but give me the opportunity. That’s what Billy Corgan has done. He hasn’t paved the way in gold for me and made things easy for me. He’s just given me an opportunity, and I obviously so far haven’t failed.””

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