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Eddie Kingston Discusses Homicide’s Impact On His Career, Compares Him To Old Man Logan

Eddie Kingston says Homicide has meant everything to his career.

The two men have been friends for a long time, and they continue to thrive in their own ways. Kingston is a fan-favorite star in All Elite Wrestling, while Homicide is the reigning NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion.

During an appearance on Under The Ring, Kingston was asked to describe what Homicide has meant to his career. “The Mad King” responded by noting that, one way or another, he would’nt be here without the veteran. He stated that Homicide has never gave up on him, and he continues to support him.

“He means everything. He’s one of the rare guys who never quit on me. For some reason, he kept, he would call me fat and lazy, get out of my own way, your temper, but he would always still be there. He would always pick up the phone and call me the next day. Homicide is the reason why I’m here at AEW. Homicide’s also the reason why New York independents stayed alive for a while. Homicide is the reason Ring of Honor took off. A lot of those Ring of Honor guys that became world champions had to go through him first. He was truly like the gatekeeper. If you can go with him, you could be the world champion. Then when he became the world champion, same thing. Then he went to TNA and became NWA World Tag Team Champion.

“So that dude has done everything, but also he’s still humble and still helps me. He’s like a dad, he’s like an older brother to me. I got into a little bit of trouble, so I don’t wanna call him, but he already knows, so I’m gonna have to call him. He’ll yell at me and all that good stuff, but without him, I wouldn’t be here, honestly. I woulda quit or something bad would have happened before I got here, if it wasn’t for him.”

He then discussed how Homicide is still “doing his thing,” nearly 30 years after his in-ring debut. Kingston stated that he’s out of his mind and noted that he calls Homicide “Old Man Logan” because he doesn’t let being banged up limit him in the ring.

“Out of his mind,” said Kingston. “He’s Old Man Logan, that’s what we call him. I’ll never forget, he said he was hurt or something in some tag match me and him had. He’s like, ah, I’m kinda banged up. I’m like alright, take it easy. He didn’t, not at all. Not at all. I looked at him, I said, ‘You’re not hurt. There’s no way, all the things you did in the ring. You’re not hurt.‘ He’s like, ‘No, I am.’ I go, ‘You’re Old Man Logan.’ So that’s why everybody in the little group that we have now call him that.”

Old Man Logan is an alternative version of the popular Marvel superhero Wolverine, who continues to do his own thing at an advanced age.

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