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The Briscoes: We Aren’t Done With FTR, We’ll Earn Another Shot At Them

The Briscoes aren’t done with FTR.

The duos first clashed at ROH Supercard of Honor in April, after months of feuding over social media. FTR defeated the brothers to win the ROH World Tag Team Championship, and they faced off in a rematch at ROH Supercard of Honor in July. The Briscoes have signed exclusive deals, so they’re set to stay with the company moving forward.

Speaking with MuscleManMalcolm, Mark and Jay Briscoe were asked about their new contracs. Jay stated that they’re excited, and they’re not done with FTR

“I mean shoot, we just ready for it to get cranked up even more,” said Jay. “We just did the last pay-per-view, and we just wondering what’s next. We ain’t done with FTR. We ain’t done with them.

Likewise, Mark made it cllear that they will fight to earn a rematch if they have do.

““Ain’t no way it can be done, you understand what I’m saying? Ain’t no way it can be done. So it’s good they put the paper in front of us, said please sign this paper, said yes sir, and now here we are. Now we got the distinct opportunity to come back and get these boys and bust their ass. Rematch with FTR Jay. “Hopefully soon. The sooner the better. Mark: “It seems like to me, we gonna have to earn a shot now. [Death Before Dishonor], that was like a rematch clause. That’s we do, we earn shots. If it’s time to earn shots, then that’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna earn ‘em.”

As of this writing, ROH’s next pay-per-view has not been announced yet. Tony Khan recently discussed the company’s search for a TV deal; his comments are available here.

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