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Trevor Murdoch On Facing Tyrus At NWA 74: It Will Be A Hoss Fight, Everybody Wins In That One

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch knows he’ll be in for a fight at NWA 74, and he intends to do what it takes to leave the show with his title reign intact.


One year ago, at NWA 73, Murdoch beat Nick Aldis to win the Ten Pounds of Gold. Now, he’s in his second reign as the champion, and he’ll put the title on the line against Tyrus in the main event of night two.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Murdoch previewed his looming clash with Tyrus, noting that the challenger will be his biggest test yet. He also pointed out that the powerhouse hasn’t really been tested yet, but that will change on Sunday. As for the match itself, he stated that it will be a hoss fight.

“Tyrus is a mountain of a man,” said Murdoch. “He’s in the company currently undefeated. He’s 6’8, 6’9, little under 400 pounds. He has shown nothing but aggression and meanness, and I don’t think he’s truly been tested yet. I believe I’m his biggest test, and he certainly is gonna my biggest test at 74.

“It’s not gonna be your technical master match. It’s not gonna be a high-flying match. It’s gonna be two guys going in there and beating the s— out of each other to see who can last the longest. That’s a hoss fight and everybody wins in that one.”

Murdoch shared his mindset surrounding his battle with Tyrus and emphasized that the challenger hasn’t been hit by someone like him yet. Plus, having regained the gold in June, he doesn’t intend to give up the world title anytime soon.

“It would be easy for me to work his legs and take his legs out from under him,” said Murdoch. “But I think he’s smart enough to know that that’s one of his weaknesses, and he’s been working on it. But I don’t think he’s ever been hit like I hit people. I’m not talking one punch. I’m talking punches in bunches. I’m not afraid to take a shot to give one, and I don’t think he’s ever been in the ring with someone like me. Not to mention he wants to take the one thing away from me that means the most, and that’s the Worlds Heavyweight Title. I just got that motherf—— back, and I have no intentions at all to give it up anytime soon.”

Looking forward to NWA 74, the champion stated that the anniversary show is like the company’s WrestleMania, so every performer on the card will aim to deliver a show-stealing match.

“NWA 74 is I guess, quote-on-quote like our WrestleMania for the year,” Murdoch said. “So every single match that steps out there is gonna go out there and go above and beyond to try to blow the roof off the place, which is great for the fans because that one match will try to top the next match and [that] will try to top the next match, which of course will end with me, and I’ve gotta try to top all that s—. We’re gonna go there and do everything we can, and usually ends up meaning that we’re gonna put our bodies on the line to not only entertain the fans, but get the W.”

As for his match with Tyrus, Murdoch stated that the two of them will battle it out in order to see which man is truly the toughest.

“What you’re gonna see between Tyrus and I at 74 are two grown-ass men that love the NWA, the Worlds Heavyweight Title, that want to be on top of the mountain, go out there and test each other and see who really is the toughest of the toughest,” Murdoch said.

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