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Zack Clayton Wants To Help AEW Become More Mainstream

Zack Clayton wants to help All Elite Wrestling reach a new level.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Zack Clayton spoke about getting people to invest more in the AEW product across all of its respective shows. Clayton, who is also seen on Jersey Shore Family Vacationconfirmed he’s currently on the road with AEW full-time now and also said it’s a goal of his to try and help the company find a more mainstream audience.

“I have a great relationship with Tony Khan, QT Marshall and we stay close in conversation and there’s plans ahead. So we’re going to have to keep watching for that. But working tight with the people backstage and just on different creative and direction is really what I’m focusing on. I do have a crossover because I am on other networks and other TV shows. Obviously, MTV’s a really big platform. We’ve done several integrations with AEW and MTV in the past and they’ve gone over very well.

“Tony Khan’s very happy about how those play out on MTV. We’re looking to do more of those in the future, and really a goal of mine personally is to help AEW become mainstream. And I’ve said that before, not everybody knows what AEW is yet, as opposed to other companies. People know what they are, so you get a comparison. But, AEW should be able to stand on its own and I want to help be able to do that.”

Clayton spoke about how his schedule has changed since his respective roles on MTV and in AEW have expanded, noting that he’s been able to adjust to opportunities as they come up.

“We’re just going to adjust to whatever it is. I mean, we have dates that overlap. Some have happened already, whether it be I’m gone and Jenni’s [JWOWWW] gone and or I’m gone and I have to be here when Jenni’s gone for the kids and then vice versa. It’s just going to be what it is. We’ll adjust to it as it comes and we’ll take it from there. Really something like that just has to be taken as it comes. It’s something that we don’t always have the exact dates planned out, which is the thing. I pretty much know my AEW schedule, but other commitments and things like that kind of come up sporadically. So we’ve got to take those as they come.”

Check out our full video interview with Zack Clayton at the top of this post.

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