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JONAH Explains Reason For IMPACT Departure, Says It ‘Isn’t Final’

JONAH implies he isn’t completely done with IMPACT Wrestling just yet.

During a recent interview with Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston, JONAH was asked about what led to his IMPACT Wrestling departure in May.

“No, just a mutual agreement and going different ways. This is something that isn’t final, it’s something where you could see me at IMPACT still later on this year or possibly next year. It was that I was working both with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling. At the time, the dates never conflicted and they were both very great to me by trying to have their dates on separate days so that I could do both. But New Japan’s schedule is picking up and fortunately, soon enough when we get visas and stuff sorted, you will see me in Japan as well. I’ve gone down that road where I’m going to be focusing solely on New Japan Pro-Wrestling.”

JONAH previously confirmed the length of his contract in an interview with WrestleZone, explaining that the agreement only ran through the Rebellion pay-per-view tapings. A subsequent report from revealed that IMPACT was thrilled with his work in the company, but it had become “increasingly hard” to fit him into plans considering his commitments to New Japan.

JONAH also spoke about the Forbidden Door and the possibility he could interact with AEW talent.

“I’m not 100% too sure. I would say nothing is ever off the board, but I myself have been doing stuff with New Japan STRONG and trying to build that brand here, the American version of New Japan. But at the same time, I haven’t debuted in Japan, so I’m not sure. AEW might want some of those guys that have been in Japan for a while to kick down that door, but I am around, so you never know.”

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