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Bayley: I Want Sasha Banks And Naomi To Know That I Support Them No Matter What

Bayley wants Sasha Banks and Naomi to know that she supports them.

The duo, who were the reigning WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions at the time, walked out of the May 16 episode of WWE RAW, and they haven’t been seen on WWE programming since. There have been conflicting reports about their status with the company, so their futures are unclear. Meanwhile, Banks’ close personal friend, Bayley, recently returned to WWE at SummerSlam after she missed over a year with a torn ACL. At the show, she aligned with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Since then, the trio have been a dominant force on WWE TV.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Bayley was asked about how Banks and Naomi would potentially fit into the landscape of the women’s division, which has substantially changed in recent months. In response, she noted that while she hasn’t thought about the duo joining or fighting her faction, she wants them to know that she supports them no matter what.

“I haven’t thought about whether they would join or whether we would be against them, but something would arise,” Bayley said. “I just want them to know I support them 100 percent, no matter what.”

Bayley also looked back with her memorable feud with Banks and their battle at WWE Hell in a Cell 2020.

“I heard a story recently about Macho Man, how he was always trying to one-up his match from WrestleMania III,” Bayley said. “He always strived for a better match, even though he knew it would be almost impossible. Then I wondered, ‘Are we like that? Do we know that we’re never going to top Brooklyn?’ It wasn’t just the match–it was the feeling around it. It was also the first time NXT had gone outside of Florida for a TakeOver. There was so much to it.

Hell in a Cell was our trilogy. We had Brooklyn, the Iron Man match, and Hell in a Cell. I’m so bummed it wasn’t around fans. After the match, everyone in the back was like, ‘Man, if there were fans out there, you’d have had a standing ovation.’ That would have been cool, but I still don’t want it to take away from what we were able to do and the story we were able to tell.”

Bayley will be in action at WWE Clash at the Castle; she will team up with Kai and SKY to face Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka.

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