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WWE SmackDown Results (9/2/22)

WWE SmackDown Results

September 2, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Viking Rules Match: The Viking Raiders vs. The New Day

There is Viking “gear” all over the ring. There are shields and even part of a boat. As The New Day make their entrance, Kofi Kingston is dressed in Thor gear and Xavier Woods is dressed like Loki. The New Day is all over Erik and Ivar. Trapping Erik in the corner and giving him a double unicorn stampede. Both Erik and Ivar roll out of the ring. Woods and Kingston land stereo dives.

After the break, Woods leaps off the upper level of the bleachers and lands a crossbody on both Erik and Ivar. Kingston is sent flying over the barricade back to the ringside area. Woods eats a low crossbody from Ivar into the barricade. Ivar tries to pin Woods but he kicks out. Erik and Kingston fight over a kendo stick. Erik destroys Kingston with a high-angle uranage suplex. Kingston kicks out and is then sent out to the apron. Ivar charges in. Kingston drops Ivar with a PK.

Kingston pulls Thor’s hammer Mjölnir from under the ring. Erik stumbles around in the ring. Kingston dives off the top and hits Erik with the hammer. Erik kicks out. Erik slams Ivar onto Kingston on the boat platform. Woods flies out of nowhere and hits a tornado DDT driving Erik’s head into the boat. Woods runs into sit down by Ivar. Ivar flattens Woods with a World’s Strongest Slam off the second rope. Kingston breaks it up with a double stomp.

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After the break, Woods fires up and sets up a chair in the ring. Woods almost lands a head scissors into a facebuster but Erik puts on the brakes. Kingston kicks Erik in the gut. Woods and Kingston hit a double Stroke into the chair. Ivar knocks Woods Kingston into the corner. Ivar tires a moonsault but Kingston moves out of the way. Kingston lands a splash on Ivar’s back. Woods lands his flying elbow. Erik breaks up the pin with a punt kick to Woods’ head.

Woods and Kingston land double dives and try double pins but both Viking Raiders kick out. Erik and Ivar launch Kingston into the long boat. Woods almost manages to powerbomb Erik through two tables. Ivar attacks from behind to break it up. Kingston dives off the top but Erik tosses a Shield in his face. Ivar and Erik hit Ragnorok (double powerbomb) through two tables. Ivar pins Woods for the win.

Winners- The Viking Raiders

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