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Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Discovery

Tony Khan: Wrestlers Don’t All Need To Get Along, Fans Don’t Watch It To See People Being Friends

Tony Khan believes there’s a beneficial side to the reports of backstage tension within All Elite Wrestling.

In recent weeks, the locker room has been in the spotlight due to a number of reported issues, from former world champion CM Punk voicing his displeasure to Eddie Kingston getting suspended after a backstage confrontation with Sammy Guevara.

Ahead of AEW All Out, during an interview with NBC Chicago, Khan was asked about the situation. He described how, as long as people are being professional, competition for spots can be a positive dynamic. The AEW president also pointed out that people often don’t like each other in the wrestling business, and he’s fine with that.

“I’m actually pretty excited about it,” Khan said. “I think our roster is gonna be stronger than it’s been in a long time, there’s a lot of competition for the spots. As long as everybody’s being professional, and it’s professional wrestling, the first word is professional. But the second word is wrestling, and this is not a doll factory, this is not a normal place of business. Our product here is professional wrestling matches, and people not liking each other and not getting along can actually be positive, as opposed to most work places, where people not getting along detrimental.

“Not everybody needs to get along in the pro wrestling business. They don’t need to all be friends to do this. I’ll be honest, a lot of the pro wrestlers don’t like each other, and that’s fine with me. I don’t think people watch wrestling to watch people be friends.”

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