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Photo Credit: WWE

Seth Rollins: I Have A Lot Of Fun With It, But The Wrestling Business Is My Passion

Seth Rollins made it clear today that just because he may dress in a flashy way, he takes everything about pro wrestling seriously.

During the WWE Clash at the Castle press conference following the event, Rollins joined Gunther and Liv Morgan. Gunther was asked a question about Sheamus and his dedication to wrestling, and how that compares to someone like Rollins and his outlook.

After joking for a moment, Rollins cut into the talk, noting that just because he might dress flashy or act a certain way, he’s every bit as dedicated and passionate as the best superstar.

“If we’re trying to rag on me not taking the industry serious, because it’s kind of my life,” Rollins said. “I’ve dedicated my entire life to it, and I have a lot fun with it, but at the end of the day, it is my passion. I dedicate, literally, every single waking second of eating, sleeping, and not raising my kid to this industry. So, just because I look good doesn’t mean you got to be jealous, my friend.”

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Check out the full press conference below: