Booker T
Photo Credit: WWE

Booker T Shares Thoughts On Contract Tampering, WWE Working With AEW

On his recent “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE legend Booker T gave his thoughts on the rumors that WWE is tampering with AEW talent along with if he ever sees the two companies working together.

On the subject of tampering, Booker T gave his thoughts but was not sure if you could consider something like that tampering. He said, “I don’t know how deep that is, but I can see a little bird going out and saying, ‘Hey man, if you guys aren’t happy over there, there’s always going to be room over here for you.’ The reason I say that is because every time my contract was coming up in WCW, even way back then, a little bird would always fly over and say, ‘Hey man, if you ever want to come over there, there’s going to be a spot there for you.’ Is that contract tampering? I don’t know. I would imagine there would have to be a little bit more than that to be contract tampering.”

As far as the two companies (WWE & AEW) ever working together for a show, Booker T finds that highly unlikely. He said “As far as Tony Khan being optimistic about them being able to work together, maybe that was just wishful thinking. I just do not think a company like AEW, what they stand for and what they do, is going to mesh with what WWE and what they’re trying to do. Those are two different shows, two totally different planets, and I just don’t think those planets are going to merge together. I just don’t see it.”

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