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Rhea Ripley Loves Being Compared To Chyna: I’m Very Glad To Be That Person For Fans

Rhea Ripley is hoping to get her dream match against Beth Phoenix in WWE sooner rather than later.

RAW Superstar Rhea Ripley recently spoke with Inside The Ropes to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about being involved in The Judgement Day with Finn Balor and Damian Priest, Ripley thinks it’s wild to be in an intergender group and is proud of the comparisons she gets to Chyna online.

“You don’t really see many groups with intergenders,” Rhea Ripley said. “So to be in a group with the boys and not only just in the group but sort of being the muscle of the group as well. It’s wild to think; I’m very excited that I could be one of the first in a while. I get compared to Chyna a lot, which I love. I love that. People keep making edits, and I think they’re absolutely hilarious. I did like Chyna. I thought she was an icon, and she didn’t fit in, which was great. She was so different to everyone. She was like muscley and she was beautiful. The others were beautiful, too. I’m not saying that they weren’t, but she was beautiful in a different way, which is how I was growing up. I was always bigger than everyone, and I needed someone. That’s why I look to people like Beth Phoenix as well. She was different, and I loved Beth growing up. So to sort of portray that for little girls that are small and petite and they like bigger built like I am very glad to be that person for them.”

When asked about a potential dream match against Beth Phoenix in her future after their recent interaction on WWE RAW in Toronto, Ripley hopes the internet keeps buzzing about it in order to make it happen.

“So I didn’t really know,” Rhea Ripley admitted. “I knew that we’re doing stuff with Edge, and I was just sort of hoping. I was hoping that she would turn up one night, and then she turned up on RAW, and I wasn’t sure if she was going to be a part of it until like it happened pretty much, and I was like, You know what? I hope that people will start buzzing about this on the internet because I want this match so damn bad. She is my dream match, and I try and plug it as much as I can in every interview that I get. But I just want to step in the ring with her when she’s not holding a chair.”

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