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Chris Jericho: There’s No Such Thing As A Bad Bryan Danielson Match, He’s One In A Million

Chris Jericho has nothing but praise for The American Dragon Bryan Danielson following their match at AEW All Out.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Chris Jericho took part in the All Out Media Scrum following the pay-per-view to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about his match against Bryan Danielson on the pay-per-view, Jericho said he thought it was funny that it took 32 years for him and Danielson to get a spotlight pay-per-view match.

“It’s funny that it took 32 years for Bryan Danielson and I to have a spotlight pay-per-view match. It’s unbelievable when you think about it,” Chris Jericho said. “I was thinking when did this happen last, and it was a match with Undertaker. The first match we ever had after I’d been in WWE for ten years. And it was like, how did it f*cking take so long for us to get — and we only have one match, never had a pay-per-view or anything. Same with Bryan tonight.

“I really enjoyed this match because it reminded me of the matches I used to have with Eddie [Guerrero] and Chris [Benoit] and Dean [Malenko] and all that. Back in the day. You didn’t call anything. You just went out and wrestled; just wrestled each other. And to do that tonight was so much fun because there’s only a few guys you can do that with, and Bryan is one of them, obviously. So Lionheart, I mean, it’s a fun gimmick, but it’s still me, right? And it’s just using all of the stuff that I kind of forgot about. You know what I mean? And it was just so much fun and just a f*cking wrestling match, and I just liked that. It was really a special one for me.”

With Chris Jericho mentioning Guerrero, Benoit, and Malenko earlier, he was asked where he believes Danielson ranks among those names. Jericho says he doesn’t like to rank guys against each other but believes The American Dragon is one in a million.

“I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad Bryan Danielson match. I don’t really rank guys against each other because everybody’s unique either you’re good, or you’re not. And Bryan is beyond good obviously,” Chris Jericho said. “He’s one in a million. And the moment he came into AEW, a year ago, right? I was like, man, one of these days, we got to have a match. But to me, it’s always the story that counts first. You can put together a match, but if there’s not a proper story, then what’s the point?

“We started with Jericho Appreciation Society and Blackpool Combat Club and Anarchy in the Arena, and that finish of Anarchy in the Arena of Jake and I choking Bryan out was planting the seeds for a Jake and Bryan match and for Jericho Bryan match, and that was three months ago. We knew we were going to do this at some point to get to it. And we did, and the thing about is like I don’t think it’s one and done there. There will be more, and the Danny Garcia thing just kind of once again organically happened to become this really cool twist to the story and very intriguing.

“We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen with that. But we have to tune in on Wednesday to see the next step of it. So yeah, Bryan’s one of the best; he really is. I mean the fact that I got to actually experience that once again. The last time I felt this way is when I worked with Taker for the first time and just went like, ‘Where the f*ck have you been all my life, man? I wish we had tours where we used to do 14 shows in a row.’ I could do that with Bryan in many different ways. So it was just a real pleasure.”

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