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Photo Credit: Colby Applegate

Alan Angels On Potential Interest In WWE: Right Now I’m Focused On Doing My Own Thing

Alan Angels is focused on evolving as a performer now that he has the freedom to do so, and he’s not prioritizing landing with WWE at the moment.

Angels was featured as a member of the Dark Order in All Elite Wrestling, where he faced stars like Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson. He left the company in June and has been active on the independent scene ever since.

Speaking on Talk Is Jericho, Angels was asked whether he has any interest in going to WWE. In response, he noted that he thinks about it sometimes, but for now, he wants to focus on figuring out who his character is. Angel also pointed out that he’s not sure if he’s WWE “cup of tea” right now, or whether that has changed.

“You know, I think about it sometimes and I don’t know if I’m their cup of tea right now, but then I also see that they are bringing back some indie guys into the NXT scene,” Angels said. “So it’s something I’ve kinda thought about, but I’ve never really seriously considered it, but I don’t know. You never know. I think for now, I just kind of want to figure out like who Alan Angels really is because I think I have the wrestling part down. I think the hard part is the character and the personality and all that stuff.

“I think I’m getting it more and more and more as I’m doing these indie matches where I’m getting to really show what I can do in these 15-20 minute matches. But I think I’m also starting to figure out who Alan Angels is as a character, but I think for now, at least a year or so, I’d like to just kind of do my own thing and figure that out.”

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