WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT 2.0 Results (9/20/22)

WWE NXT ResultsWWE NXT Results

September 20, 2022

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

Earlier today, NXT Offical Shawn Michaels calls Carmelo Hayes and the new North American Champion Solo Sikoa to a meeting. HBK tells Sikoa that he wasn’t scheduled to be in the match last week, so he has to relinquish the North American Championship. HBK thanks Sikoa for his contributions. Sikoa says he understands and that he told Hayes he had next. Sikoa hands HBK the title and leaves. Hayes thanks HBK and holds out his hands, expecting HBK to hand him the title. HBK tells Hayes that he tried to beat the system last week. Hayes will have the chance to get the North American Championship back. He has the opportunity to qualify with four other superstars to compete for the title at Halloween Havoc… in a ladder match.

Best of Three Series: Axiom (1) vs. Nathan Frazer (0)

Axiom and Frazer trade pin attempts. Axiom rolls Frazer into a rear naked choke. Frazer turns that into a pin. Axiom kicks out. Both men glared at each other, unsure of how to get the upper hand. Axiom tries to work several submission holds. Frazer escapes. Flying arm drag by Frazer. Axiom gets a near fall after a northern lights suplex. Frazer sends Axiom out of the ring. Frazer tries a dive but Axiom blasts him with an elbow to avoid it. Axiom dives off the top but is met in midair by a dropkick from Frazer.

After the break, Axiom lands a few strikes before flooring Frazer with a springboard clothesline. Frazer kicks out. Axiom lights Frazer up with a few stiff kicks to the chest. Frazer answers with an enziguri. Axiom rolls up Frazer but he manages to kick out. Axiom tries the Golden Ratio but Frazer almost decapitates him with a superkick. Frazer falls on Axiom. Axiom somehow kicks out. Axiom lands a slam off the top. Frazer kicks out again. Frazer tries a moonsault but Axiom counters with a sleeper. Axiom tries to transition to a Yes Lock. Frazer eventually gets to the ropes. Axiom goes up top. Frazer cuts him off and hits a superplex. Frazer holds on and hits a spinning neck breaker. Phoenix Splash by Frazer for the win.

Winner- Nathan Frazer

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During a pre-tape, Damon Kemp says he’s the one who took a payoff from Tony D’Angelo, not Roderick Strong. He put Strong in the hospital because Strong pulled security footage that would have implicated him.

Backstage, Tatum Paxley tries to calm Ivy Nile down. Nile is upset because Damon Kemp’s betrayal has broken Diamond Mine. Paxley tells her to focus on their match tonight. Nile says she is focused and storms off.

Toxic Attraction vs. Ivy Nile and Tatum Paxley

Jayne and Dolan work over Paxley. Paxley manages to tag in Nile. Nile tosses Jayne all over the ring. Dolan breaks up the pin after Nile hits a deadlift suplex on Jayne. Nile boots Jayne in the face. Dolan gets the tag and sends Nile out of the ring. Dolan sends Nile back in the ring. Jayne and Dolan hit their version of the high/low for the win.

Winners- Toxic Attraction

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