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WWE Survivor Series 2022 Will Feature Two WarGames Matches

WWE Survivor Series is getting in on the War Games.

Triple H confirmed the War Games match is coming to the 2022 WWE Survivor Series event. During a new interview with David Shoemaker for The Ringer, Triple H revealed that a men’s and women’s match would take place on the card and explained the thought process behind the decision.

“We’ll have a men’s WarGames match and a women’s WarGames match. The tradition of the Survivor Series has ebbed and flowed and changed slightly over time, but this will be similar to that,” Levesque said. “This will not be Raw versus SmackDown. It will be much more story-line driven. I still look at it as a traditional component to Survivor Series in there because it’s large teams of people competing. We just upped the ante a little bit with WarGames and made it evolve.”

Asked about why the change was made this year (and how some might see it as a statement in response to Vince McMahon’s retirement in July), Triple H said that bringing War Games to Survivor Series was about evolution.

“Survivor Series has been an amazing event for 36 years. And it needs to evolve a little bit and this year seemed like the right time to do it,” Levesque goes on. “We’re going to go to the TD Garden in Boston on the 26th, and it’s already about as close as you get [to] sold out without us [announcing the WarGames matches]. But you know, this is about serving our fans. I wanna give them everything they can have.”

The 2022 WWE Survivor Series premium live event is scheduled for Saturday, November 26, at TD Garden in Boston.

Triple H also spoke about the lack of blood in WWE; read more about why he doesn’t think it’s necessary here.

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