Steve Maclin & Deonna Purrazzo
Steve Maclin & Deonna Purrazzo

Steve Maclin Talks How He Ended Up In IMPACT, Potentially Teaming With Deonna Purrazzo

Steve Maclin IMPACT Wrestling
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Steve Maclin credits Deonna Purrazzo for his arrival in IMPACT Wrestling and talks about potentially working with her on TV.

Outside the ring, Steve Maclin and Deonna Purrazzo are engaged to be married and currently, both are major parts of IMPACT Wrestling. Deonna was a part of IMPACT a year before Steve and in a new interview with The Angle Podcast, Maclin explained what helped him land in IMPACT.

“My soon-to-be wife, Deonna Purrazzo, The Virtuosa, she was there and I was watching weekly with her. She was doing a watch-along on Twitch. I thought, ‘Wow this is really good, like from beginning to end.’ I don’t think IMPACT gets the credit weekly for the product that their show puts out,” he said. “From top to bottom with this roster. It’s just getting better every time since I’ve been here and up to stat helped into that and create that buzz a little bit as well going into the road. I’ve enjoyed it since and even every week that I do watch it on Thursdays to watch everything going on. I enjoy it.”

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Speaking about potentially being paired with her on TV, Steve is open to it as long as it makes sense from a storyline perspective.

“If it works in the storyline? Yeah. We both have our different ways. We’re very separate in [our] identity of characters. She’s The Virtuosa. Back when I come out, I’m Mayhem itself. So if it works in a storyline, yes. We’ve talked about it too. Would we work together? Yeah, but only if it fits the story and where we’re going and makes sense. That’s the one thing about her and I, we like things to make sense and not just do it to do it.”

Up next for Steve, he will compete in the main event of Victory Road in the fifth Barbed Wire Massacre Match.

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