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Tony Khan: Matt Menard And Angelo Parker Are Two Of The Most Improved Wrestlers In The World

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AEW Grand Slam continues on with Rampage this week.

As AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam concluded on Wednesday, President Tony Khan will deliver even more action on Friday night. In total, seven additional matches will culminate from Arthur Ashe Stadium on the September 23rd edition of AEW Rampage. Amongst those matches will be the Grand Slam Golden Ticket Rampage Battle Royale, where the winner will receive a future title opportunity. In a recent appearance on Barstool Rasslin’, Tony Khan provided a preview of competitors.

“We have this Golden Ticket Battle Royal. We’ve announced some big participants in the match,” Khan noted. “We know, of course I think you saw on Rampage, last week Hangman Page and the entire Dark Order or at least all of them who are cleared to compete. For sure, John Silver, Vance Number Ten, looks like he will be clear and it would be great to get them going. Evil Uno, and we’ll see about Alex Reynolds’ ankle, but he’s been out with an injury since the [All Out] pay-per-view.

“I’ve got to say that, in addition to them, a lot of great stars are going to be in this, including Penta El Zero Miedo, Jay Lethal. We saw Rush through his name in and we’ll have a lot more big names. I know Lance Archer is going to get in there [too].

Khan continued to further clarify the parameters around the title opportunity of the winner.

“All these wrestlers will be competing and the winner of this will get a title shot at a set time and place. They’ll have an appointment with a World Champion. That is how it differs,” he explained. “This is going to be at a set time in place because when there’s somebody looming out there with a title shot, you have to move on and have set plans, have a set calendar. Then, when that person chooses to take that opportunity, that’s when it happens. But we’re going to move on and keep things moving. We’ll find out when that takes place.”

Also on the AEW Rampage: Grand Slam card, FTW Champion Hook will team with rapper Action Bronson. This will mark Bronson’s official professional wrestling debut. “It’s pretty exciting to have Action Bronson debuting as a pro wrestler,” Tony Khan regarded.

In addition, Khan confirmed that Action Bronson will not only wrestle, but he’ll also perform ‘The Chairman’s Intent’ live at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Hook previously adopted the song as his entrance theme, which “always fires up the crowd up”, according to Tony Khan. Khan also referenced Hook as “one of the fastest rising stars in pro wrestling,” under the mentorship of his father, Taz.

Hook and Action Bronson will take on Jericho Appreciation Society’s Angelo Parker and Matt Menard. Collectively known as 2Point0, Parker and Menard managed to impress Tony Khan this year as well. “They do a great job,” he said.

“They are two of the most improved wrestlers in the world,” Khan continued. “What a great year, Parker and Menard have had. Those guys are really, really great wrestlers and I’m excited to see–honestly, they have the ability to be great wrestlers, but this year we’ve seen them transcend it and become also great sports entertainers. It’s taken Menard and Parker to another level of being with [Chris] Jericho.”

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