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Photo Credit: WWE

Angelo Dawkins Names His Dream Tag Team Match

Angelo Dawkins wants to see The Street Profits face two of WWE’s top teams.

Dawkins and his tag team partner, Montez Ford, have captured the tag team titles on all three brands of WWE’s roster. The duo has had several chances to regain the gold by challenging The Usos, but Jimmy and Jey remain the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. They recently retained the titles against The Brawling Brutes on the September 23 episode of WWE SmackDown.

Speaking with USA Network’s USA Insider, Dawkins stated that his dream match would be a another showdown with The Usos where The New Day would also be involved, making it a thre-way contest. He also emphasized that he’d want it to be a TLC match.

“I gotta pick a stipulation too. Let’s go with TLC for all the marbles, us versus The New Day versus The Usos,” he said. “That would be my dream match. I mean you’ve got The New Day and The Usos, they’ve been carrying the tag team division for years. We were in NXT for the majority of that time, but we were all watching each other. I remember The New Day watching us, even The Usos back when they were cool before they became The Bloodline. All three of us have been at the top now, taking the world by storm so all three of us, the best tag teams, settling who is the best out of them all.”

Dawkins also discussed The Street Profits’ struggles against The Usos and noted that they just need to find a way to beat them.

“Our main goal is to be the ones to beat The Bloodline,” Dawkins said. “The Bloodline is the only team we haven’t really beat. We’ve beaten everybody else, but they’re the only team that has always had our number no matter what. We just gotta find a way to beat these dudes and get our titles back.”