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Mark Henry And Teddy Long Recall Their Supernatural Experience At A New Orleans Hotel

Mark Henry and Teddy Long had a supernatural encounter at a haunted hotel in New Orleans when they worked for WWE.

Teddy Long was a recent guest on Busted Open Radio with Dave LeGreca, Mark Henry, and Tommy Dreamer. During the interview, Mark Henry brought up the time he and Long stayed at a haunted hotel and left as soon as they found out about it.

“I got a story I gotta tell this because you know everybody on Busted Open knows that you know I don’t like scary shit,” Mark Henry said. “Like anything horror or suspense thriller stuff, I can’t watch it, man. It’ll give me a heart attack. So me and Teddy are riding together, we fly into New Orleans and the WWE had booked us at this hotel and it was a haunted hotel.

“Teddy and I didn’t know it and so we check in and we get to the room. Teddy calls me; he goes, ‘Hey man, I’m going downstairs. Come downstairs because we leaving.’ I said what happened? He said, ‘Mark, I’m not gonna tell you again. Come downstairs; I’m leaving. You ain’t gonna have a ride,’ and I said let me go downstairs. I go downstairs; Teddy’s in the lobby. He is grey. He is not black no more. All of the color had went out of his skin.

“I’m like man are you alright? Do you need to go to the doctor? He’s like, ‘Mark. I went to the door. And this woman was knocking on the door and I looked at the peephole and she was standing there. And I opened the door. And I talked to her and she talked back to me. And then I said well let’s hold on a second. I just told you that my room was clean. I don’t need my room clean and Teddy’s going off. And then he said, ‘Mark, motherf*cker just vanished, just disappeared in front of my face.’ And I said come on Teddy. You didn’t see no ghost. He said, ‘Listen, you can stay in his damn place if you want to, but I’m out!’

Teddy Long was quick to confirm Mark Henry’s story, retelling the situation from his account.

“That’s a true story,” Teddy Long confirmed. “I opened my door and there was this black lady standing there like she worked on a hotel. She had on a uniform and a nametag like she worked for the hotel. That’s the only reason I opened my door. And she started talking to me and stuff, and the next thing I know, she was gone. She vanished!”

After their talk in the lobby, Henry was quick to go get his belongings and leave the hotel. The All Elite Wrestling star can laugh about it now, but it was truly a scary situation at the time.

“After that, I went to my room; I was so scared that I was gonna encounter something,” Mark Henry said laughing. “I grabbed my shit. Listen, I was outside as fast as I ever moved in my life, Dave. I was like, let’s go! I don’t want to see nothing! Because I’d have a heart attack and die. Oh my god. I don’t even remember where we stayed. I think we went out by the airport.”

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What do you make of Mark Henry and Teddy Long’s comments? Have you ever had any supernatural encounters in your life? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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