Candice LeRae WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Candice LeRae Returns On 9/26 WWE RAW, Makes Main Roster Debut

Candice LeRae made her return to the world of WWE on the September 26 episode of WWE RAW and won her in-ring return, which was her debut on the main roster.

After being away from WWE since her contract expired in May, LeRae — who is a former NXT Women’s Tag Team Champion as well as the real-life wife of Johnny Gargano — made her return to a huge ovation from the crowd. Along with the big fanfare, LeRae took to the ring to take on Nikki A.S.H., whom she defeated handily.

For a brief recap of how the match ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

LeRae lands a dropkick. Nikki falls out of the ring. LeRae tries a baseball slide but Nikki traps LeRae in the ring skirt. Nikki unloads on LeRae. LeRae fires up and lands a flurry of offense. LeRae goes up top. Nikki cuts her off. LeRae manages to hit a swinging neck breaker off the second rope for the win.

Winner- Candice LeRae

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