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MJF Credits Brian Pillman Jr. For Indirectly Introducing Him To His Fiancée

AEW star MJF recently announced his engagement to his long-time girlfriend, Naomi Rosenblum. As it turns out, Brian Pillman Jr. was indirectly responsible for connecting the duo.

During an appearance on KFC Radio, “The Salt of the Earth” was asked when he met Naomi. He responded by telling the story as only he could, noting that Pillman Jr. had an influential role.

“So this is also a funny story,” MJF said. “Naomi was good friends with somebody that was dating another wrestler. The guy’s name is Brian Pillman Jr. He’s a good guy, he’s a great guy, okay. He’s a great guy, love him. Young, hot upstart, blue-chipper, and he was dating this chick at the time, and allow me to give you some background on BP Jr. Great guy. So me and him were working for this promotion called MLW at the time. I was young. I can’t remember the exact age, but I was young. Not to say that I’m not young now, but I was younger. Almost monthly, he’d walk up to me and be like, ‘Man, MJF, I’ll tell you,’ he’s from Kentucky or whatever the f-ck, ‘I’m telling you, man, this is the one. This is the one right here. I’m telling you.’

“I’m like, yeah, okay, Brian. Love Brian, but he’s excitable. He would walk in, and without hesitation or failure, he would always be with a stripper. Always, always, always, always. After like six months of this, I’ll give Brian credit, he f-ck, he slays with the women. Good for him. But after like six months of this, we do a show in New York, and he walks in with a girl that looked normal, and I was con-f-cking-fused. Made no sense to me. She didn’t have like weird fake balloon tits that scratched her eyes. Like a normal, sane girl.”

He then recalled how he asked the woman in question whether she was a stripper. Naturally, that didn’t go over well, but she wound up showing him a picture of one of her friends, and MJF got her number.

“So Brian walks away, and I walk up to the girl, very respectfully, I go, ‘Excuse me, miss, are you a stripper?’” MJF said. “She didn’t like that. Which is like, grow up, okay, we all have jobs. So there’s nothing wrong with being a stripper. So she turns around, she goes, ‘Excuse me?’ I go, ‘Okay, maybe you didn’t hear me.’ She’s like, ‘No, no, no, asshole. I heard you. I go to an Ivy League school.’ I was like, I didn’t even know what the f-ck, like okay. You need to pay for school, right? So now the girl’s giggling. I was just like, I love Brian to death. You don’t seem like the Brian type.

She was just like, ‘I think he’s cute.’ I go, ‘Cool, cool, cool, cool. Do you have any friends with better judgment?’ She laughed, and she showed me a photo of the most gorgeous redhead I’d ever seen, and her last name was Rosenblum. And I went… ‘J-J—J-Jew!’ You have to understand, the thing was, because I was on the independent circuit, not for a long time, but a long enough period of time, I had to wrestle in like Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, all these horrible places. There are no Jews. They don’t even know what a Jew is. So I was just floored, and then I literally, I said, ‘Give me this girl’s number right now.’ The girl goes, ‘You walked up to me and asked me if I was a stripper. Like, no.’ I was like, come on, don’t be a bitch. So she gives me the number.”

MJF concluded by describing how, rather than calling or texting Naomi, he FaceTimed her and asked her out.

“I don’t text, I don’t call. I FaceTime this chick. I FaceTime her. She was at work. So she walks out of her job, she goes, ‘Hello?’ I go, ‘My name’s Max. I’m taking you out on Saturday this week.’ She paused, she went, ‘Okay.’ Then she hung up, and then we went out. That’s it how it went down.”

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