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Eddie Edwards Doesn’t Have An ‘End Game,’ But Does See His Path In IMPACT Wrestling

Eddie Edwards is on the right path.

During a recent interview with WrestleZone, Eddie Edwards spoke about changing the perception that he is an “ROH guy.” With eight-plus years in IMPACT, Edwards has now been in the company longer than his ROH tenure lasted. He spoke about his goal of wanting to be the guy for IMPACT, noting that he’s always wanted to do best for the company.

“I think [the association was] because the fact that ROH was the company that gave me that first shot. It did so much for my career in general. But that was, of course, until I got my big chance, and I ended up winning the World title there. But, you know, like you said, I’ve been with IMPACT now for eight years, and the goal all along is to be, I want to be that guy that is associated with IMPACT Wrestling. I want to do my best to be that guy waving the flag, whether or not that’s, you know, part of who I am now, character-wise, story-wise, but I always take pride in promoting, and trying to put my best foot forward for IMPACT Wrestling.”

Asked what else he’s looking to do and accomplish in IMPACT, Edwards said he hopes to maintain his current path and wants to be recognized as a constant top name on the roster.

“I wouldn’t say that there’s like, an end goal or end game type of move here. More so it’s, I want to continue along the path that we’re going with IMPACT in general as a whole. To continue down the path or go and continue to try to get IMPACT to that next level, whatever that next level may be. But I want to, like I said, be at the forefront of that, and also continue to challenge myself with new matchups, or different opportunities, or maybe working with younger guys, or whatever it is. I want to be able to earn my place within IMPACT, whether or not it results in being a champion for however long it may be, but I just want to be a guy who’s always thought of and always in and around the main picture, or some of the main storylines, and just getting a chance to be creative and have the freedom that they’ve given me all along.”

Eddie Edwards challenges Josh Alexander for the IMPACT World Championship at Bound For Glory on October 7.

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