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Watch: Pope, Bully Ray, And More On 10/1 NWA USA

The National Wrestling Alliance will deliver an eventful show with the October 10 episode of NWA USA.

Two five-person matches will determine the top two contenders for the vacant NWA World Television Championship. Plus, Bully Ray will compete in a singles match.

The preview is as follows:

The future of the NWA World Television Championship hangs in the balance on this week’s episode of NWA USA!

It’s official: Tyrus is relinquishing his NWA World Television Championship in order to get another shot at Trevor Murdoch’s Ten Pounds of Gold at Hard Times in New Orleans! While he still holds this title in the interim, this means that a TV Title vacancy is inevitable! As such, the National Wrestling Alliance has organized two five-person elimination style qualifying matches to determine the two contenders for the Masnter’s former glory!

In qualifying match one, it will be AJ Cazana, Mayweather, Ricky Morton, Jax Dane, and Marche Rockett competing for their opportunity!

And in qualifying match two, Rush Freeman, Max the Impaler, Pope, Caprice Coleman, and Jordan Clearwater will battle for the second slot!

Plus, after what appears to be a less than stellar appearance on Stanley’s Drill, Bully Ray comes to blows with host Jamie Stanley in single competition!

The episode is available here:

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