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Raquel Rodriguez Wants To Compete In WarGames This Year: I Would Definitely Love To Be Part Of It

Raquel Rodriguez says WarGames is her favorite, and she wants to compete again in the match this year.

NXT has been the home of WarGames in recent years, but the match will be featured at the Survivor Series premium live event in November, Rodriguez has previously competed in WarGames twice, and she has been on the winning team on both occasions.

Speaking on Under the Ring, Rodriguez was asked whether she’d like to be part of this year’s WarGames match. She made it clear that she has enjoyed her previous experiences with the bout, and she’d like to participate in it this time around.

“It is my favorite. It is absolutely my favorite. I am a two-time WarGames Champion. I just wanna throw that out there. So I feel like I have some good experience under my belt as well. I would love to be in this year’s WarGames. I absolutely would love it. There is so much just action and two rings that are next to each other, and then the cage, and the weapons that get involved. You don’t know who’s gonna get called in first.”

The former NXT Women’s Champion also brought up her former tag team partner, Dakota Kai. She praised the latter’s success in WarGames matches and expressed that she’d like to work with Kai in another match.

“Speaking of Dakota Kai again, she is the absolute athlete of WarGames,” Rodriguez said. “I forget what the actual word is that uses for it, but she literally has started all three in a row, and she gone until the very end. That girl just goes, and that’s what I really appreciate about Dakota is that she is an absolute athlete. She’s the workhouse of the WarGames, and I absolutely appreciate that about her.

“So I’m excited for WarGames this year because if we get to be on opposing sides again, I can’t wait to stuff her in a trash can. Or if we are on the same side, who knows? But yeah I would definitely love to be a part of this year’s WarGames, 100%.”

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