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Mark Henry On Triple H Running WWE: I Never Met Anybody More Passionate About Pro Wrestling Than Him

Mark Henry says WWE is in good hands with Triple H running things.

All Elite Wrestling’s Mark Henry spoke with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson for Bovada, and the World’s Strongest Man was asked for his thoughts about Triple H taking over in WWE. Henry said that Triple H is the most passionate guy he knows when it comes to pro wrestling, and The Game has WWE headed in the right direction.

“You know what? It was bound to happen at some point. I didn’t think it was going to happen the way that it happened, but Triple H is more than adequate for running the company and being the boss. I never met anybody that was more passionate about pro wrestling than he was. His ultimate goal was to be who he is,” Henry said.

“When you dream about wrestling, you dream about — I mean, I’m sure in his heart to hearts a million times that he never dreamed about marrying the boss’s daughter and being a part of the family — but that’s what happened. He’s taken over and there’s a lot of things that the wrestling community looked at as ‘That failed. The WWE didn’t capitalize on this.’ And he’s fixing all of those things and he’s making the fanbase over there happy,” Henry noted. “So, he’s doing a good job.”

Henry was also asked if he saw Shawn Michaels in the position that he’s in now, as Michaels is now helping to run NXT behind the scenes. Henry said that he didn’t get along with Shawn Michaels in the past, but Michaels has turned his life around and he has a lot of respect for him today.

“I didn’t at first but, once he got saved and he realized that there was something greater than him then, I was all over it. I knew he could be a teacher, he could be a mentor and be somebody that was giving. If you saw his A&E Biography then you kind of what the story was and that’s for him to tell that story and the A&E documentary to tell the stories. But I didn’t get along with Shawn and a lot of it was because of all of those problems that they talked about. But once that dude got saved, he really got saved,” Henry said. “He became one of those people that I grew to respect a lot.”

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