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Mark Henry On Dwight Howard Potentially Joining AEW: I Want To See Him In The Business, Period

Mark Henry says Dwight Howard in wrestling would be a great thing to see, whether it’s in AEW or somewhere else.

All Elite Wrestling’s Mark Henry spoke with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson for Bovada and Henry was asked if he’d like to see NBA star Dwight Howard in AEW. Henry said Howard would be a great acquisition anywhere, noting his name value and passion for the business.

“I would like to see him be involved in the business period. Anytime that you’re a big-name notoriety type person and you come in pro wrestling, you add strength to our industry. And the fact that he loves it enough to say ‘I want to be that, I want to do that’ is telling people that our sport is meaningful. That means all the world to me and if Dwight Howard wanted advice or wanted somebody to direct him and be honest… like man, I’m easy to find.”

Henry hasn’t seen any recent video of Howard’s WWE tryouts at SummerSlam weekend in Nashville, but went on to note that athletes in pro wrestling have found success before.

“I remember seeing Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman come into wrestling and do really, really well. If they would’ve dedicated their lives to it they would’ve been great. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anybody have a better wrestling match as an athlete than Lawrence Taylor did with Bam-Bam Bigelow back in the day. But Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman? They looked the part and they had the kind of notoriety that’s needed for the business to flourish, not just individually.”

Howard said he wants to pursue training as a wrestler; read more about his future plans here.

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