Daniel Cormier WWE RAW
Image Credit: WWE

Daniel Cormier Appears On 10/3 WWE RAW, Riddle Says He’ll ‘Kill’ Rollins

Following the news that he would be acting as special guest referee at WWE Extreme Rules, UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier appeared during tonight’s episode of WWE RAW.

During the October 3 episode of WWE Raw, Cormier made a surprise appearance, calling into the show and interrupting both Rollins and Riddle, telling both men to cut out the bickering. He then said he’s going to call it down the middle Saturday, and that he’ll be the guest referee on hand.

Prior to that, both Riddle and Rollins were extremely angry in the ring, with Rollins wasting no time in telling Rollins that he’s going to “kill” him inside the ring on Saturday, all while Rollins continued to take personal shots at Riddle about his family.

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