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Jordynne Grace Wants To Compete In An Elevation X Match

Jordynne Grace wants to be the first Knockout to compete in one of TNA Wrestling’s rare match types.

IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of the bound For Glory pay-per-view. Grace will defend her title against Masha Slamovich, who just competed in a Monster’s Ball match on IMPACT TV. In storyline, Grace put Masha in the match after Slamovich had Grace face Max The Impaler as a result of a ‘Pick Your Poison’ stipulation.

Grace, who competed in Ultimate X and Queen Of The Mountain earlier this year, was asked if she had any desire to be in this match since it’s an IMPACT staple. Grace also competed in a multi-woman Monster’s Ball match against Savannah Evans, Alisha Edwards and Kimber Lee at Knockouts Knockdown 2021, but explained why she doesn’t have a desire to do another one.

“I’m not going to lie to you. I dislike weapons immensely. I would rather just have a straight-up wrestling match. I have a very low pain tolerance when it comes to anything like getting stabbed into me, just going through tables or anything like that. So personally, me, no. I’ve been involved in one before. It was a multi-woman Monster’s Ball match and I think thankfully I didn’t have to do too much [hardcore spots] because a lot of the other girls in the match were already kind of into that,” Grace explained. “Those three girls love that kind, that style of wrestling, that hardcore style. So I kind of got the phone in it a little bit, but I’m just not a big fan of weapons, to be honest.”

While she doesn’t want to do another Monster’s Ball match, Grace did say that she would like to see Elevation X make a comeback. Elevation X was a variant of Ultimate X that took on elements of a scaffold match. Only two matches took place, at Destination X in 2007 and 2008, but Grace said she’d love to see the match return if it could be done.

“[Lethal Lockdown], that would be awesome. I would also love — I don’t even know when the last time they had this match was, but Elevation X. Do you remember that? I would love to compete in an Elevation X match. I think that would be really, really cool,” Grace proclaimed.

“It’s been so long, it’s probably a logistical thing at this point. Just getting everything set up, it’s probably one of the more difficult matches to set up,” she added. “But I definitely would love to compete in one.”

Grace said she was unsure if it could happen now but joked that she probably spoke it into existence, so fans will have to wait and see if it comes to fruition.

Our full interview with Jordynne Grace is at the top of this post. Check out the full Elevation X match between AJ Styles and Rhino below:

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