NWA Powerrr 10 4
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NWA Powerrr Results (10/4): Kamille, EC3, Flip Gordon, And More

The October 4 episode of NWA Powerrr delivered an action-packed show. NWA Women’s World Champion Kamille, Flip Gordon, and EC3 competed, among others.

Kamille battled Jennacide in a non-title match, and EC3 faced Traxxx. Plus, Flip Gordon and Odinson clashed in a singles match. Elsewhere on the show, The OGK and Rhett Titus took on La Rebelión (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450) and Damian 666.

The results are as follows:

  • Odinson defeated Flip Gordon
    • Nick Aldis ran to the ring and saved Gordon from a post-match beatdown.
  • Aldis went to the podium and stated that he’s not angry with Odinson for trying to make a name for himself at his expense. He noted that everyone else does it, but he accused Odinson of trying to win over the front office by taking “The National Treasure” out. Aldis praised Odinson but emphasized that he’s not on his level. Aldis said he’s not worried about some “meathead” with a flap covering his “gimmick.” He vowed that he’ll show Odinson what it’s like to be on his level when they face off.
  • In an in interview, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch discussed his upcoming title match at NWA Hard Times 3. He said he doesn’t care who gets put in front of him because the result will be the same, with him retaining the gold. He stated that all prospective challengers are enemies to him because they threaten to take what’s his.
  • Jennacide previewed her non-title match in an interview with May Valentine; she made it clear that she wants to make a statement, and she noted that Kamille is not ready for her arsenal.
  • EC3 defeated Traxxx
    • In a post-match interview, EC3 said he has seen plenty of nostalgia wrestling, so he knows what comes next. He stated that it’s time for Thom Latimer to come down and confront him, which he did. Latimer challenged EC3 to a match. EC3 said that he’s not afraid of Latimer because his potential is trapped within him. He told Latimer that he is controlled by love, the most dangerous thing in this world. Latimer played to the crowd and got them to chant “Fight.” EC3 called the acceptance of the fans another one of Latimer’s addiction. He stated that the cliches of wrestling live here in the Nostalgia Wrestling Alliance, and the dream is a nightmare. EC3 told Latimer that until he confronts his demons, he’ll never be the man he’s supposed to be. He stated that if Latimer wants a fight, he’ll get one at Hard Times 3.
  • In an interview, Taya Valkyrie discussed her previous match against Kamille and the champion’s previous win over her doesn’t mean the same thing will happen next time.
  • Non-Title: Kamille defeated Jennacide
  • The Fixers announced that they’re hosting USA Surge because they’re America’s team.
  • In an interview, Valentine asks BLK Jeez and Tyrus are asked whether they’re on the same page about Tyrus cashing in his “Lucky 7” shot. Jeez wondered what would happen if Tyrus lost; he encouraged Tyrus to aim to become a double champion. Tyrus responded by stating that he had Murdoch beat at NWA 74, and the loss has been eating at him.
  • The OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) & Rhett Titus defeated La Rebelión (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf 450) & Damian 666

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