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Mickie James Explains Why She’s On Her ‘Last Rodeo’ And Not A Retirement Tour

Mickie James is on her “Last Rodeo” but it has a deeper meaning than just a reference to her “Hardcore County” roots.

During her appearance on the Bound For Glory Press Pass media call, WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard asked Mickie James if calling her current run a “last rodeo” rather than a retirement tour was an intentional decision. James agreed and said retirement carries a certain connotation, then talked about why it’s special no matter what it’s called.

“I think it was a conscious decision to not because then if I say, ‘Oh, this is my retirement tour,’ it feels like I’m defeated. It feels like I’m defeated already because mentally, and I said this coming on, if in your mind, most battles are won and lost in your mind. They start there. I always say you have to train your mind harder than you train your body because the body can endure a lot of things, but your mind makes all the difference and I think that’s the way of a true champion is what makes people fight beyond what they’re capable of because you can just believe yourself there.”

“I think the most beautiful thing about this last rodeo is there’s women I’ve never faced before, and the reality is, a lot of these women, it’s gonna be the first time and the only time you’re ever going to see me wrestle them because I don’t know how long this journey’s gonna last. I meant it when I said it; one loss and I’m done, I’m going home.

“So it could be done at Bound For Glory, and I hope not. I hope I can go all the way to the gold and whoever’s champion at that time, by the time I get there, I hope I can win the championship one more time. But if I can’t, then I don’t ever wanna say I didn’t give it everything that I had.”

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