Jessicka Havok
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JesSICKa Reveals The Three Women That Have Helped Her Most In Her IMPACT Career

JesSICKa is grateful for the acceptance of her new character.

Former Knockouts Champion Jessicka Havok recently reinvented herself into a bright, fun-loving spirit. Havok previously became absorbed by the darker, Undead Realm under the leadership of Rosemary. Now, JesSICKa’s shining personality and fashion sense has truly emerged. Amidst the new character change, the Death Dolls member fondly recalled her favorite moments within IMPACT Wrestling in a recent appearance on Women’s Wrestling Talk.

“So when Havok debuted at TNA, Gail Kim was the Knockout World Champion. I think that the most memorable moment for Havok would have been when she beat Gail Kim for the Knockouts World Championship in a main event on an episode of TNA. I think that that was huge for so many reasons. With it being a women’s main event with the story that was being told, and with that being the biggest achievement in Havok’s career,” she explained.

“As far as JesSICKa, just feeling the love during the debut match, and then after a successful win, even hearing the crowd chanting, it’s little things like that, that you’re just like, ‘wow, like, this is awesome.’ Because we all get into this business, and we want to be successful and we want to tell good stories and ultimately, we want to be accepted by the fans.” JesSICKa admitted.

“It’s very scary to try something new on TV, and then worry about, okay, is this going to translate? To the fans, are they going to accept it?” she continued. “Honestly, the positivity and the acceptance has been so overwhelming with the fans. I am having the most fun right now in my career alongside Ty and Rosemary. I think that Bound For Glory is going to be such a huge deal to me. For that reason, regardless of the outcome, I will have gotten to wrestle alongside one of my best friends for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships, and I have a really good feeling that we got this.”

As previously mentioned, when Havok first arrived to IMPACT in 2014, Gail Kim held the Knockouts Championship. Accordingly, JesSICKa continued on to name which Knockouts she felt helped her the most during her career, including Kim.

“I would have to say that there are two people who have helped me I feel more than anyone and that would have to be Madison Rayne and Gail Kim — and actually you know what, Christy Hemme as well,” she noted. “When I was at TNA being Havok and stuff like I always remember Christy was in my corner and always supportive always and Christy is like, incredibly creative. So I would have to say it would be those three women who have helped me the most. My match with Madison Rayne at the Knockouts Knockdown match or show all those years ago is actually what got me my job at IMPACT.

“She does it because it does what it takes to have a good match. We’ve always had really good chemistry. I think I’ve known Madison Rayne the longest out of everyone in wrestling. She was my first friend in wrestling. There’s a lot of history that people don’t realize, but Madison Rayne was honestly, she was someone who helped me greatly. Then Gail Kim, obviously like it just takes someone to believe in you. I don’t know if Havok would have been so successful the first time around on TV if she did not have an opponent like Gail Kim.”

JeSICKa will team up with Taya Valkyrie this weekend at Bound For Glory to vie for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. VXT (Deonna Purrazzo and Chelsea) will in turn defend against the newly named Death Dolls.

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