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Heath Wants To Bring A Balance Of Intensity And Comedy To The Table In IMPACT Wrestling

Heath is cranking it up a few notches and sharing some of his real-life personality on-screen.

Heath recently spoke with WrestleZone ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view about his run with the company so far. Heath talked about not being the butt of jokes, but rather striking a balance between comedy and intensity in the ring. He said that this personality mirrors himself in real life, although it’s turned up a few notches.

“Right now, I’m a wild man. I’m on a mission, I’m going after Honor No More. Whatever they do, I’m going to be there to ruin it and try my best to. Just because when they first came in, they targeted my ass and Rhyno. They took Rhyno out. They took some other people out to where I’m just like, ‘Bro it’s enough. Enough is enough.’ And being honest, that’s how I am in real life,” Heath explained. “I love having a good time. I love treating people the way you want to be treated, but don’t take my kindness for granted because I will bust your ass if you get out of line, too. That’s been me ever since I was a teenager. I’ve always had a big heart, but if you rub me the wrong way or treat me bad, I’ll let you know about it.

“And hey, who knows? You might be able to kick my ass. You might be. But I guarantee, when you wake up in the morning, you’re going to know that you’ve been in a fight and you’re going to hurt like hell also. So that’s the route that I’m wanting to do with the ‘Redhead Rebel.’ I’m a good dude. I like to have a good time when we can, but as soon as you cross the line, you step out of line, then we got a problem. And that’s what I was wanting to try to bring to the table. That’s actually who I am. If I can bring that to the screen and amp it up to ten, how much fun is that? I could be me, but be like Superman me.”

Heath also spoke about working with IMPACT in a collaborative effort, explaining how refreshing it was to be asked for his ideas.

“That’s what I love about IMPACT, man, because all seriousness, up in New York, you get a script and you got to go by it. I mean, that’s just how it is. They’re running a tight ship up there on TV, all that. But when I got to IMPACT, man, I was so confused. It was ‘So Heath what are you thinking and what would you like to do? Where do you see yourself? What do you see yourself doing? What’s this? What’s that?’”

Heath joked that IMPACT got on his case for not having a last name, but listened to him when he said he didn’t need one. He says that’s just one reason why he’s so excited about working for the promotion.

“They were like, ‘don’t you think you need a last name?’ I’m like, ‘Damn it. No, I don’t need it. Last name. Stop it.’ These people with last names, they think he’s got to have a last name in wrestling like sh-t, you don’t.

“I was so shocked to be like, ‘Holy crap,’ they’re wanting to know my ideas. They’re wanting to hear my storyline, they’re wanting to know what I would do as me instead of telling me what to do to where I’m just like, ‘Holy crap, this is amazing.’ They would literally sit and talk to you about your ideas and then plan for it, to where it’s just like it’s one of those–it was just surreal to me. Just be like, ‘Whoa, y’all are actually going with this, so this is going to be pretty cool.’ I can get into this, I can sink my teeth into this. I can run with this, instead of saying, ‘Oh, you got to do this and you have no interest in it at all, and you’re going to just put out a shitty product.”

Heath is one of the entrants in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet at Bound For Glory; the event takes place on October 7.

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