IMPACT Bound For Glory 2022

IMPACT Bound For Glory Results (10/7/22) – Josh Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards

IMPACT Bound For Glory Results – October 7, 2022

Welcome to WrestleZone’s live coverage of IMPACT Bound For Glory! The following matches are on tap tonight:

Pre-Show – Digital Media Championship Open Challenge: Brian Myers (c) vs. Dirty Dango

Dango (sporting a blonde look) does a lot of hip swivels as they feel each other out and the crowd files in. Myers whips Dango head-first into the turnbuckle and he falls out of the ring. Myers applies a headlock on the mat. Dango does a crossbody to the outside. Dango hits a Falcon Arrow and covers. Dango nails the tornado DDT out of the corner, but Myers kicks out again. Myers catches Dango with a spear followed by the Roster Cut clothesline for the win.

Winner: Brian Myers (c)

A video package on the career of Raven airs.

Raven’s Hall of Fame induction

Tommy Dreamer comes out to the podium. He jokes about how he thought D’Amore was asking him to be inducted, not to induct Raven. Dreamer runs down all the names that wouldn’t be here without Raven, including CM Punk and Mickie James. Dreamer says it is his honor to induct Raven into the 2022 IMPACT Hall of Fame.

Raven comes out to the podium and thanks everyone for this honor. Raven talks about his influences including Paul Heyman. He talks about his brief WCW run. He says he got clean and had a miserable time at WWE. Then he saw a psychiatrist to take care of his mental health. Then TNA came calling, and for the most part he was happy there. Now his life has come full circle as he’s here to be inducted in the Hall of Fame. Raven wants to single out Tommy and thanks him as he’s going to end their 28-year feud tonight. Raven hugs Dreamer before dropping him with a DDT.

A video package kicks off the main card.

X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey (c) vs. Frankie Kazarian

They shake hands to start. Kazarian attempts the chicken wing almost right away, but Mike reaches the ropes. Bailey lands a big dropkick, then Kaz does one of his own. Kaz is bucked off of the chicken wing again. Bailey avoids a leg drop and does a moonsault out of the ring. Back in, Bailey chops Kaz but then gets shoved out of the ring off the turnbuckle. Kaz applies a leg lock in the middle of the ring, but Bailey uses his other foot to kick free. Bailey lands a single leg dropkick. Kaz drops Bailey with Back to the Future for a nearfall. Kaz wipes Bailey out with a clothesline, both men down. They trade roll ups, Kaz power slams. Bailey does a double knee drop. Bailey lands the spin kick across the ring, followed by Ultimo Weapon, but Kaz kicks out at the last second. Kaz gets on Bailey’s back trying to lock in the chicken wing. Bailey launches both of them out of the ring to break it up. Bailey does another moonsault off the ropes. Kaz slingshot cutters Bailey into the ring, nearfall. Kaz hits Flex Capacitor from the top, nearfall again. Bailey is dumped on his face and kicks out at one. Bailey reverse rana out of the Back to the Future. Bailey goes up top and does Ultimo Weapon into a cutter. Nearfall into a chicken wing. Bailey taps!

Winner and NEW: Frankie Kazarian

Backstage, Mickie James cuts a promo on defending her career up next.

Mia Yim vs. Mickie James

Lockups to start before rolling around on the mat. Mickie works the left arm briefly. Mickie misses a dropkick and gets rolled up. They stare each other down for a moment. Lock up again, takedown on Mia into a headscissors on Mickie. Mickie appears to tweak her left knee while attempting a bulldog to up the drama. Mickie goes up top as Mia yanks her left leg across her shoulder. Mia hits a DDT and covers. Mickie comes back with a Thesz press, flapjack, and kick up. Mia comes right back with forearms in the corner. Mia catches Mickie and buckle bombs her followed by a cannon ball, cover. They go up top where Mickie plants one on Mia’s lips before hitting a press for a nearfall. Mia lands a German suplex, two count. Mia says sorry before hitting Eat Defeat. Mickie almost rolls out of the ring, but Mia catches her for a cover and Mickie grabs the bottom rope. Mia cannonballs into an empty corner. Mickie hits MickDT for the win.

Winner: Mickie James

Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: VXT (c) vs. Death Dollz

Jessicka and Chelsea start. Chelsea is kept in the face corner as Jess and Taya tag in and out. Chelsea escapes and tags Deonna. She cheap shots Taya, which sets up Taya getting the tag in. Taya slams Deonna down and stomps on the midsection, quick cover. Arm drag from Taya, cheap shot to Jessicka. Taya hits Pandemonium before chopping Deonna in the ropes. Deonna applies a headlock before tagging Chelsea. Deonna comes in to do a double suplex, but Taya suplexes both of them instead. Chelsea punches Jessicka on the apron. Taya uppercuts Chelsea and kicks Deonna. Jessicka comes in with a double clothesline. Sick kick to Deonna and jabs to Chelsea. Double crossbody from Jessicka, double cover. Chelsea attempts a couple covers. Taya suplexes Deonna. Pump kick from Chelsea. Taya shoves Chelsea into Jessicka for the Sick Driver and three count.

Winners and NEW: Death Dollz

IMPACT World Tag Team Championship: The Kingdom (c) vs. Motor City Machine Guns

Taven and Shelley start with a quick pace. Sabin and Bennett in next for a bit before Shelley and Taven grapple again. Shelley works the left arm. Bennett trips Shelley when the ref is distracted. Outside, Bennett elbow strikes Shelley. Taven gets wrapped up in the ropes but does a body press off the apron to make up for it. Bennett applies a left arm hold and tags out. Kingdom double teams before Taven covers. Kingdom does more double moves in the heel corner as Taven drives Shelley to the mat with an elbow drop. Sabin gets the hot tag and works both men as Taven accidentally clotheslines Bennett. Double crossbody from Sabin. Sabin baseball slides Bennett and sends Taven up and over for Shelley to drag him out. Sabin flies out of the ring to wipe them both out. All four men are in the ring before Kingdom gets the advantage and pin attempts on Sabin. Guns get the double team advantage and drop Taven for a nearfall. Maria holds Shelley on the turnbuckle, but it doesn’t stop him from chopping Taven. Sabin and Bennett trade chops. Sabin superkicks and clotheslines in the corner. Taven is in tree of woe for a couple dropkicks. Bennett breaks itup. Maria gets in Sabin’s face. Mike accidentally superkicks Maria off the apron. Taven covers Sabin with his feet on the ropes.

Winners: The Kingdom (c)

20-Person Call Your Shot Gauntlet Match

Eric Young and Joe Hendry start things off. Hendry poses but EY attacks him from behind. Hendry comes back and slams EY around. Maclin is #3. He does a backbreaker to the knee on Hendry. Maclin and EY team up on Hendry. Swann is #4 with a double springboard cutter on EY and Maclin followed by splashes to both of them. PCO is #5 and clotheslines everyone in his way. Savannah Evans is #6. She comes face to face with PCO and shoves him. Maclin clotheslines them both. Johnny Swinger is #7 and Tasha Steelz is #8. She cutters Maclin. Steelz and Evans double team Swinger. Killer Kelly is #9. Kelly punches Maclin before Evans breaks it up. Kelly jumps on Savannah’s back with a sleeper. Steelz dumps Kelly and Evans together. #10 is Moose. He comes in and tosses out Hendry, followed by PCO. Sami Callihan is #11. Sami punches Maclin and then rakes Moose. Swinger works Tasha in the ropes. Taylor Wilde returns at #12. Wilde spins Swann around and German suplexes Maclin. #13 is Gisele Shaw. Sami grabs EY by the balls as EY’s yellow hooded goons try to interfere. One of them is Deaner and he knocks Sami out. Bully Ray is #14! Tasha Steelz gets in his face. She slaps him and he lifts her up for an elimination onto security. Tommy Dreamer is #15.

Dreamer and Bully do double elbows and hug. Rhino returns at #16 for an ECW reunion. Swinger gets involved and effectively tossed out. Gujjar is #17. Dreamer is eliminated somehow. Gujjar mixes it up with EY and Swann. Heath is #18. He hits EY and Swann with his finisher. Heath and Rhino reunite with a hug. Bobby Fish is #19. Fish kicks Heath, Moose, Swann, then strikes Bully. Matt Cardona returns at #20 as the final entrant. Moose tosses Rhino, Maclin hits Heath off followed by Moose. Cardona finally enters and meets Bully. Bully holds Cardona’s legs open for Sister Wilde to come off the top. Taylor kisses Bully and they do a “get the tables” spot. Cardona eliminates Wilde and Shaw together. Gujjar tosses Cardona before EY eliminates Gujjar.

Swann, EY, Bully, Fish, and Maclin are the final five. Swann kicks EY off the apron after EY was in 26 minutes. Everyone targets Bully. Maclin takes out Swann. Maclin throws Fish over. Bully and Maclin meet face to face for the final two. They trade punches and chops in the middle. Olympic slam by Maclin for a two count. Bully with a Urinagi, nearfall. Bully Bomb gets Bully Ray the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

Order of eliminations:

  • Steelz dumps Kelly and Evans together
  • Moose eliminates Hendry followed by PCO
  • Deaner runs in and eliminates Sami Callihan for EY
  • Bully Ray tosses Tasha Steelz out
  • Swinger is tossed by ECW legends
  • Tommy Dreamer eliminated
  • Moose eliminates Rhino
  • Maclin eliminates Heath and Moose back to back
  • Cardona eliminates Wilde and Shaw together
  • Gujjar tosses Cardona
  • EY eliminates Gujjar
  • Swann eliminates EY
  • Maclin takes out Swann
  • Maclin throws Fish over
  • Bully Ray pins Steve Maclin

Backstage, Eddie Edwards tells his family that he will win the world title tonight. One of the girls questions what if it doesn’t happen and Alisha reassures that Eddie will leave with gold.

Knockouts World Championship: Jordynne Grace (c) vs. Masha Slamovich

They waste no time in slugging it out. Outside the ring, Jordynne stomps on Masha. She rolls her back in for a quick cover. On the apron, Masha hoists Grace up for a reverse piledriver that sucks the air out of the crowd. Masha pins for two. Masha targets the head and neck, alternating holds and strikes. Grace does a double stomp and stands on Masha to pin her. Masha boots Grace in the corner, rolls her over for a kick to the spine. They slap each other while Masha is on top. Jordynne clubs her way out of a hold and hits a spinebuster. They trade more brutal chops in the center and hit spinning back fists to knock each other down. Grace hits back to back power slams before landing a driver for a nearfall. Masha hits Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall.

Jordynne follows Masha up top and pulls off a stalling suplex. Jordynne rolls through for a jackhammer and two count. Grace puts Masha up top and chops her. Grace goes for Muscle Buster. Masha breaks free, kicks her, and applies a sleeper. Masha rolls her over into a face lock. Masha lands a German/bridging pin. Spin back fist from Grace. She drops Masha with a back body drop, nearfall. “This is awesome” chant. Grace Driver connects after some back and forth, but Masha kicks out. Air raid crash in the corner by Masha. Snow Plow connects but Grace’s foot is under the bottom rope. Grace hits Grace Driver from the top rope and pins Masha to end the streak.

Winner: Jordynne Grace (c)

IMPACT will return to pay-per-view with Hard to Kill on January 13 at Center Stage in Atlanta.

IMPACT World Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Eddie Edwards

Josh and Eddie’s families are sitting next to each other in the front row. They start with a lock up and proceed with a slower pace compared to the rest of the night. Eddie dives to the outside before chopping Josh against the apron. Josh is rolled back in, but he counters by crossbodying Eddie off the apron. They trade forearm shots in the middle. Eddie runs the ropes and flies through the ropes to wipe out the champ. Eddie exposes the wood floor at ringside. On the apron, Josh tries to suplex Eddie onto the wood, but Eddie holds on the ropes. He elbows out but Josh boots him down. Eddie lands Die Hard Driver on the wood. In the ring, Eddie hits backpack stunner for a two. He transitions to a Boston Crab. Eddie hits a powerbomb but Josh counters with a rolling Alabama slam into the corner to get Eddie away from him.

Josh lands a series of German suplexes with the third connecting on the apron. Josh still has the hold and throws Eddie on the floor mat and then the ramp for five in total. Josh with a back breaker on his knee. Eddie hits a forearm shot followed by Blue Thunder Bomb. Josh catches Eddie with a Styles Clash and transitions into an Ankle Lock. Eddie rolls it through, sending Josh to the outside. Josh lands C4 Spike, but the Kingdom pulls the ref out. Kenny King low blows Josh. Another ref enters as security chases off HNM. Eddie connects with Boston Knee Party, but Josh kicks out. Josh reverses a driver from Eddie into a half and half suplex. Josh applies an ankle lock from the top rope for a few seconds. Eddie’s knee meets the head. Eddie hits Tiger Driver, kick out. Josh is pouring out blood from his nose now.

Eddie delivers chest chops and they evolve into straight up slaps. Straps come down as more hands are thrown. Eddie spits in Josh’s face. Josh takes his head gear off and fires back with chops and slaps. Eddie rolls him up for a two. Stiff clothesline, Josh goes down. Josh cold cocks Eddie and lands C4 Spike again. Josh pins for the three.

Winner: Josh Alexander (c)

After, Honor No More beats Josh down. Heath and Rich Swann try to make the save, but they get tossed out as well. Kingdom grabs a table and props it up. Bully Ray’s music hits and he comes out with his trophy in hand. He hands it to the ref as Josh stares up at him. They share words and Bully turns around to help clear the ring. Bully grabs the title and lifts it up and threatens Josh. They continue staring as the show goes off the air.

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