WWE Extreme Rules Results
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WWE Extreme Rules Results (10/8/22)

Raw Women’s Championship Ladder Match: Bianca Belair (c) vs. Bayley

Bayley and Belair trade strikes. Both women try a crossbody at the same time. Belair rolls out of the ring. Bayley follows. Each woman brings a ladder into the ring. Belair is much larger. After a tug of war, Bayley is sent flying out of the ring. Bayley pulls Belair out of the ring and sends her into a ladder. Belair is reeling. Bayley tries a slingshot but Belair lands on her feet and climbs the ladder. Bayley pulls her down. Belair slams Bayley on a ladder.

Belair lands a handspring moonsault while Bayley is still on the ladder. Bayley traps Belair in the corner behind a ladder. Bayley unloads on Belair with punch after punch. Belair tries to fire back. Bayley sunset flip powerbombs Belair into a ladder. Bayley starts to climb. Belair breaks it up. Bayley drives a ladder into Belair’s gut over and over again. Using the ladder, Bayley pushes Belair out of the ring.

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Bayley balances a ladder on the ring steps and barricade. Bayley lays Belair on the ladder before hitting a diving elbow off the apron. Belair rolls out of the way as Bayley tries to sandwich her in a ladder. Belair hits Bayley with a piece of a broken ladder. Bayley eventually manages to kick the ladder out from under Belair. Belair falls out of the ring. Bayley rips off a piece of her knee brace and tries a running knee strike.

Belair avoids it and hits the KOD. Belair climbs the ladder. Before she can grab the belt, Io Sky and Dakota Kai hit the ring and knock her off the ladder. Sky goes up top for the Over the Moonsault but Belair crotches her on the top. Belair lifts both Kai and Sky up but Sky is tied up in the ropes. Belair dumps them both into a “modified” version of a double KOD. Bayley reappears and hits Belair with a ladder.

Rose Plant by Bayley. Bayley sets up the ladder with Belair under it. Belair presses the ladder enough for Bayley to fall off into the ropes. Bayley and Belair race up a ladder. Bayley uses Belair’s braid to slam her head into the ladder. Belair falls to the mat. Before Bayley can get to the belt, Belair gets to her feet and whips Bayley with her braid. Bayley picks up a ladder. Belair grabs Bayley from behind while she’s holding the ladder and hits a KOD. Bayley’s face slams into the ladder. Bayley looks to be bleeding from the mouth. Belair climbs the ladder and pulls down the belt for the win.

Winner and STILL Raw Women’s Champion, Bianca Belair!

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