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WWE Extreme Rules: Seth Rollins vs. Matt Riddle (Fight Pit Match) Result

Matt Riddle was victorious inside the Fight Pit at WWE Extreme Rules.

The main event of Extreme Rules saw Matt Riddle compete in his second Fight Pit match against Seth Rollins. UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier served as the special guest referee, and he made sure both competitors knew he was in charge early on.

Riddle and Rollins took full advantage of the 20-foot steel structure that included a platform near the top of the cage. Rollins was the first to climb up, and he was also the first to fall. The bump allowed Riddle to hit a huge Floating Bro from the top. Riddle eventually applied a triangle lock that forced Rollins to tap. Cormier called it and declared Riddle the winner.

Check out a full recap of the bout from our live coverage page below:


Rollins is wearing RVD-inspired gear for the match. Riddle takes Rollins down and lands a few strikes. Riddle runs up the cage and hits a flying kick. Riddle grounds and pounds Rollins. Cormier tells Riddle to back off. Riddle accidentally elbows Cormier. Cormier pulls Riddle off of Rollins and throws him into the cage. Cormier tells Riddle has to fight Rollins. not him. Rollins attacks Riddle from behind. After a series of reversals, Rollins sends Riddle into the cage. Cormier checks on Riddle. Rollins pushes Cormier away.

Cormier grabs Rollins and presses him against the cage. Cormier warns Rollins. Rollins drops Riddle with a head kick. Cormier starts the count. Before Riddle can beat the ten count. Rollins gets back on him with punch after punch. Rollins calls Riddle a loser. Riddle tries to fire up but Rollins suplexes him into the cage. Rollins climbs the pit and hits a frog splash. Kawada kicks by Rollins.

Rollins tries the Peruvian necktie. Riddle escapes and hits an RKO. Both men are down. Cormier counts both men. Rollins and Riddle both get to their feet. Riddle and Rollins trade strikes. Riddle tries another RKO but Rollins pushes him away. Rollins lands a Stomp. Cormier checks on Riddle. Rollins yells at Cormier to count. Cormier starts the count late. Riddle is about to get to his feet. Rollins climbs the pit and tries a super Stomp. Riddle moves out of the way. Rollins climbs the pit to the upper platform. Riddle follows. Rollins powerbombs Riddle into the upper part of the pit.

Cormier tells both men the decision has to happen in the ring, not the upper platform. Rollins Pedigrees Riddle on the upper platform. Rollins yells at Cormier to count. Cormier refuses. Riddle RKOs Rollins. Rollins falls off the platform, and back into the ring. Riddle leaps off the platform and hits a devastating Broton. Both men are down. Cormier starts the count. Rollins and Riddle both manage to get to their feet. Riddle traps Rollins in a flying triangle. Rollins lifts Riddle off the mat and powerbombs him into the pit over and over again but Riddle won’t let go. Rollins is forced to tap out.

Winner- Matt Riddle

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