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MJF Enjoys Seeing Christians Getting Triggered Over His Devil Gimmick

Devil worshipper MJF says there is no bigger high than himself.

During a recent appearance on Notsam Wrestling with Sam Roberts, MJF addressed the criticism he’s received on social media in regards to using the devil in his promos and on his merchandise.

“I found it very funny. I found that a lot people that were calling themselves Christians were saying they were very offended. As if the devil only exists in Christianity, which is ridiculous.” MJF elaborated, “If you look at the Jewish religion, it is based on the first testament. We don’t read the second testament, just the first. Jews are too lazy to read the second testament. We’ve got shit to do. We’ve gotta make money. We’ve gotta fix your unhealthy gentile people, right? So the first testament talks about the devil. So are we just going to pretend the devil doesn’t exist in almost every religion? There’s an idea of purgatory and going to the bad place in quite literally every type of religion. And I just thought it was funny that [they say] ‘How are you making fun?’ No. No, I’m really not. And I enjoy the fact that you’re triggered.”

Roberts asked MJF about putting “I’m a devil worshipper” and other similar phrases and imagery on his t-shirts.

“Oh, my god, because it makes me happy,” MJF replied. “Because the poors get up in arms. But then the poors still use the small bit of money that they have on my t-shirts. Which I think is a good thing if you think about it, because if they weren’t using it on my t-shirts, they’d probably use it on crack or something.”

Roberts asked MJF if he thinks there are people who would rather buy his shirt than crack. He replied without hesitation, “One million percent. Because there’s nothing more addictive in this world than MJF.” Roberts then wondered if that means crack is the second most addictive drug behind MJF, which he confirmed. “Yeah, I’d say crack’s—yeah, I’d say so. Crack is up there. I would say of all the things out there that gives you a high, there is no bigger high than MJF.”

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