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ODB Is Not A Fan Of Women Bleeding In Wrestling Matches, Great Chemistry Made Eric Young Pairing Work

ODB says she needs to serve Eric Young some divorce papers before her real wedding actually happens.

Former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout ODB recently sat down with Just Alyx to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about her storyline with Eric Young, ODB reflected on all the craziness they came up with when the company paired them together.

“It’s funny because when they put us together, they had no idea what they were doing,” ODB revealed. “And with our chemistry, we just winged it. They didn’t write nothing for us. Like, they literally said, get this done, talk about this, and me and him would just crack each other up because he’s a hilarious guy. And we would go off, and they’re like, ‘Oh my God, what do you guys do?’ And we’re like; we’re just being us. And we just had that chemistry.

“Then they’re like, You guys are getting married, and we’re like, oh boy, but we want to make sure that it was not just another wrestling wedding. And the steel cage did good, so me and him were like really thinking, alright, we got to make this good. And then having the other two girls, Sarah stock and Thea come out. And that was perfect, and I really loved it. But now that I’m getting married in real life, I need a divorce from EY, so I gotta serve him some papers here.”

When asked about her thoughts on blood in professional wrestling in 2022, ODB revealed she’s not a fan of it, especially when it comes to women bleeding on television.

“I’m not a fan of it. Especially not a fan of women bleeding there,” ODB said. “I don’t think there’s no need for it. It’s overdone. Where do you go from there? I think it’s disgusting. I don’t like it. This it’s just done too much. And I don’t think any woman in pro wrestling should bleed.”

As far as inter-gender wrestling goes, OBD likes it when it makes sense but doesn’t think that men should be hitting women in a match because it’s unrealistic that they’d be able to take it.

“Well, I look back, and I did wrestle a lot of the guys, but it made sense. It has to make sense to me,” ODB said. “I’m a big storyteller in the ring. And because if a guy actually hit a woman, you wouldn’t be getting your ass back up. It has to be a certain character to do it. Like my character, obviously, I could do it, and we worked around it where the guy would really never hit me. But we’d make a fun little match out of it as long as you can tell a story with it. I go back and forth on that as long as it makes sense. But if you’re going to have like a legit match and piledrive a guy, and he piledrives you, but you get right back up? Yeah, I don’t believe in that shit.”

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